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Taemin Starcall 25122010

12 Jan

Key Starcall 02012011

7 Jan

Key Taemin Starcall 06012011

6 Jan

Jonghyun Starcall 23122010

25 Dec


Hello! I’m SHINee’s Jonghyun
Everybody, there’s not much time left to our concert
1/1 & 1/2 are our concert days
Hope that more people will come and it will be great to be a wonderful concert
Look forward to it?
We are also looking forward to it
Members are striving for preparing the concert
So hope that everyone will come and enjoy the interesting show
What do we have? Don’t want to know more about it?
Ah! Our members’ solo… What are them?
Curious about them?
Come to concert to see us, we will try our hardest to show you more
Will you come?

Jonghyun Starcall 16122010

18 Dec

Jonghyun Starcall 16122010

17 Dec

[TRANSLATE]Onew birthday Starcall 14122010

15 Dec


Hello, today is my birthday.
I received many many congratulations.
Everyone, thank you very very much.
I like this type of birthday to celebrate with everyone, it’s very exiciting, very fun.
Also, there’s very many shows(?).
Anyway I love you very very much. Thank you very very much~~  ^^