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[SHINeeSTORY] Him or Him [END]

20 Dec

For you…U are now alone with Nickhun…. U looked at him straight into his eyes.

“Thanks so much for doing all this for me.Im sure u are happy after u manage to wreck my relationship with him.Why must u disturb my life??? After 8 years and u just come back in my life and snatched me from my BF’s arms?? What the shit is this? Do u know how much ups and downs i went through with him?? DO u know how deep his love is for me? Do u????”

U slapped his face.That leave him shocked and stunned. He cut through your eyes and that stare brings shivers through your spine.

“Promise.U promised me last 8 years. U promised that Once i managed to be one of the well known people in this world,U will marry me…And now i am…And,u promised infront of the religious book remember?”

U suddenly loss all hopes. Yes.Thats true. A promise being witnessed by a religious book cant be turned over. U let out a small sigh….Images of your EX SHINee BF came flashing through….U wonder what he is doing now…..

“18-11-2010.Its in two days time.Shall we get married on that day?” Nickhun forcefully grab you into his hug and u reluntantly hug him back…………

Suddenly u remembered a moment that u once had with your SHINee BF when u guys were watching a toddler playing at the park….And..eventually the conversation on marriage comes in..

Onew: “I promise..When i haf enough money,I will run to your house quickly and tell your parents that i will be their son-in-law.And…We shall have more junior ONEW coming along after ten months of marriage!”

Jong: “Look at that toddler.isnt she adorable baby? See,Her dimples.its just like yours.When she smile,When she laugh,its like the whole world is hers.” (He turned and looked at u that day) “Promise me that u will be the one that gonna bear my child baby.Promise me that we gonna stay together and see our grandchild grow up”

Key: “Just imagine ehh yeobo.U,walking down the aisle,U wearing a white gown with beautiful crown on your long hair,walking towards me with the widest smile ever..And carefully climbed up the stairs and go into my arms till the day we eventually grow old and pass away….I cant wait to spend my another half life with u baby…”

Minho: “baby..” (he looked at u..And smiled) “If we get married one day.I wana go to paris for honeymoon u know. Then after that,i wana go Vernice.And move up to HongKong.U know why Hongkong out of other countries? Cause i know u love seeing Disney cartoon characters and they are all there waiting for u….Let me be the first one ever to bring u there dear And let me have the chance to catch how shiny your eyes will shine when u see them..”

Taemin: “Noona…I may sound ridiculous..But,Can u pls listen to this weird request of mine? Pls Noona…” (He smiled and hold onto your hand tighly.He took a deep breath and finally whisper to u) “Pls dont say YES to other man except me noona…”

Nickhun saw u having your sweet time dreaming away.He slide his hand towards your waist and bring u away from there.He send you home and he said “Hey.Think thoroughly ok.18-11-2010.Its a nice date. We shall just have a simple marriage in the church. And,U will wear your fantasy gown that u drew a few years back.I still have it saved in my lappy. And,do u still want to play the “HeartBeat” song when u walked down the aisle? And,do u still want me to knee down and ask for your hand infront of everyone on the 18th?”….Listening to that,You began crying. U closed the door straigth on his face.

“He still remember every single details.Although it has already been more than 7 years ago!!!” U said in your heart. U lay down on the sofa and switch on the TV.And, God is really testing you that moment. its your SHINee BF LIVE on tv.

Being interviewed by KBSW.The question was “What will u do if the woman that u love leaves u?”

Onew: (Onew stare straight twrds the TV screen and as though looking at u,He honestly answer) “I will let her go. If she find her true happiness in another man,means i have already find mine happyness too as her happyness is my happyness too.Thank u”

Jong: (He took the mic from taeminnie and pass it to minho instead) “Can i choose not to answer this question?” (He smiled at the reporter and not wanting to force him,the reporter move on to minho..)

Key: “If the woman that i love leave me,Then i will find a new one.” (All went shocked upon listening to KEY’s answer! They all know that this is not the KEY that they know.Key is someone that wont ever Say that kinda thing! Key smiled and winked at the TV screen)

Minho: “If she leave me, I will leave the world” (All again went shocked upon hearing that from minho) “CAuse for me,When im in love,i give it my all.She’s my life.Once she’s gone,my life’s better off be gone too…”

Taemin: “If she leave me…My soul will die..And defintely,i will disappear from the music world for sumtimes to recover myself”

You stare at the Tv screen for so long till the moment they finished performing LUCIFER live. Its already 1oPM. “Shall i call him for awhile and confess that i love him still?And tell him about the promise that i make to Nickhun a few years back? Shall i….Or i shall not? Oh god…Pls open up my heart and give me guidance….” U close your eyes and eventually u opened it back and reached up for your Hp and dial the contact “My One and only babyy…”

Ring ring Ring… YOur EX SHINee BF saw that u are the one calling… He suddenly had an idea in mind.An evil idea that will make u totally hate him after it!!!he pretended…..

Onew: “Yah baby…UPls dont tickle me so hard…Awww awww..It hurt…u are so naughty uh tonight…..Eh wait wait..Soemone’s calling me….Its my EX GF…” (Onew was really acting as though he is with another girl..but actually hes alone..)

Jong: “How can your hair be so soft ahhh?U should have enrol yourself in an advertising agent.U wil surely succeed. Look at your long legs. Look at your flawless skin.Ive never seen anyone as attractive as u.” (He was waiting for u to say hello but u were actually grabbing the cushion below your hand,to prevent your tears from being heard at the other line)

Key: “I wasted one year of my life on that girl.Do u know that?if ive met u earlier than her…Im sure u wont be leaving me for another man….many girls have been wanting me but due to that stupid girl,i rejected all down…Ah now shes gone..And u baby….Ur next..”

Minho: “Ive never say this three words to other woman except for my EX GF,.But,u totally blew my mind off sweety. And,Trust me,I love u.”

Taemin: “Ah noona….Dont look at me like that can? U are making me blush non stop. Come whisper to me..WHAT? U wana dance with me?Sure!Why not?im s single man now!”

You threw your HP to one side and cried your lungs out.DAMN. Hes now not yours anymore.U slapped yourself and went up to your bedroom and forced yourself to sleep. U received a TEXT Suddenly. Hoping that it was your EX Msg, u quickly open it and read but….

Nickhun: Hey.I told my mom that i finally met u and that we will be getting married the next two days.And guess what,I can finally see her tears rolling down her cheeck after being unresponsive after a few months back. thanks baby for everything.

U re-read the TEXT message again and u replied…After TEN MINUTES of endless thinking….

You: Nickhun baby, I know of a nice studio that produce beautiful wedding studio photo.Shall we go there tmrw? Ah, why not u come down to my house for lunch and we shall go out after that……


17.11.2010. Its only a day away from your wedding and like waht he promise.The wedding is a very simple one as no paparazzi knows about it..

U chose a very white gown accompanied by a tiara on your head. you opened the curtain to let Nickhun sees it.But unfortunately hes not around. U bend down on your knee as your bead suddenly fall of. After u manage to retrieve it back, U stood up and BAAAMMM.U knocked on someone and eventually fell into his arm..

His arm.It feel so familiar.U looked up and was greeted by him.

Onew: “Oh now u are a model here?Why not u just cuddle in your Nickhun’s arm?yalahh..its been 10 years since u hugged him right?Dont waste time.Go and hug him..” (Onew give an irritating smirk and leave u behind.GOD KNOWS what he was actually thinking of..) “She looked so heavenly in that wedding dresss….Oh Goddd//”

Jong: (He clear his throat and stand awayf frm u) “Why must u always be everywhere??Stop stalking me like how fans always do to me! Trust me,Nickhun.He is much much hotter than me.Dont Waste your time on me anymore…”

Key: “Awww….U look so ugly in that wedding dress..” (Key make a EEEWW face and walk away.When he turned his back,His eyes start tearing and he whsiper to himself ‘That wedding dress….I ever dreamt of u wearing that in my dream before when we are vowing…..’

Minho: (He touched your cheeck and smile) “U must be happy now right?U seem to out on weight already although we have yet to be separated for 24 hours.U really love him so much is it?yah,i know..” (Minho smiled and walked away)

Taemin: “Noona….” (he glanced at u from the top to bottom) “U looked gorgeous in that.But our dream of wearing it togther has shattered…” (He winked at u and walked awae..)

U dropped on the floor and continue beating the your own lap. “Dont u know that im getting married tomorrow my dear?????…..”


18.11.2010. 8AM.

Hey.Wake up…..” manager hyung shook your EX SHINee BF up. he threw the newspaper on his body. “Read it.NOW.”

YOUR EX SHINee BF sit up and read the HEADLINE…





His reaction..

Onew: “HOW COULD THEY SAY THIS ABOUT MY GF  HYUNG????SHES NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL!!!!!” (Onew yelled at the top of his lung….And suddeenly he stood up) “Theres now way shes getting married today…I promise no wedding will take place today.I will make sure her reputation will be well taken care off…..”

Jong: (He read the article over and over again till the word MARRIAGE strike him..) “She’s getting married to Nickhun. ANd now people is thinking that my Dear is a playgirl.Hyung ahh.Shes not a playgirl.She’s the sweetest girl that i ever know!Hyung..Pls….I need to grab her back….”

Key: “And nickhun did not do anything upon seeing this????COme on lahh,His WIfe is being acused of BEing a playgirl… IF she’s mine ah hyung,i would have gone to this factory and burn it alive! Eh.Wait a moment. She’s not legally his wife yet right?Its not 2Pm yet….RIGHT????”

Minho: (Minho throw the paper to one side and walked to his warddrobe and take his jacket out) “Hyung,She might not be mine at 2PM.But i will make sure i will make her reputation clears up…SHe’s not that kind of girl hyung.Shes not!”

Taemin: “Hyung….Thanks for waking me up…I just realised something.She is still the only one in my heart.How much i tried being a total jerk to her yest, She still have that special portion in my heart..”

YOur EX SHINee BF went out from the dorm and took a taxi.YOur EX keep calling around to try and find out where exactly the wedding might be..And when suddenly, He saw you across the road. U were walking alone towwards the CAFE to grab your breakfast before actually heading of to Nickhun’s place. Your EX asked the taxi to stop and he went out from the car….

Without looking left and right,He dashed across the road…And,There,A big bus dashed across him and he was thrown off 1 meter away. Everyone was so shocked to see the victim. U yourself was curious tooo…U walked towards the pool of people when sudenly a call came in..

Nickhun:Hey baby…Where are u dear?its already late.Are u already on the way?

U stopped walking halfway and turned back.

You: Aww sorry sorry.Im going there now. see u soon!

And u did not see your EX laying in a pool of blood.


18.11.2010 1.30PM.

Dressed up completely. You are now waiiting in the room alone. Ur hand were sweaty as ur too nervous.

U remmebered about the accident earlier on.Hoping that the victim is fine.

You switched on the TV and there was a URGENT NEWS.

SHINee’s _________ is now in a COMATOSED state after being involved in an accident earlier on this morning at 9AM just outside the SM building.Doctor is now predicting that he has very minimal chance of surviving.. Pls lets all get together and pray the best for him.May God protect this lovely singer.

Your tears went down non stop.You quickly open the door and was greeted by NICKHUN.

“Pls Nickhun..let me see him..Pls..Pls..Pls…He needs me…He needs me badly…PLS…This is my only wish.Pls grant it for me before i officially become yours….PLS…” U fall down on your knee and kissed his feet.

He moved a step back and pull u up.and say “GO.”


18.11.2010. 1.50Pm.

You dashed into his room. He is now relying on the ventilator to breath.. His face is full of bloodclot.

You went and sit next to him and hold his hand.. His pulse rate suddenly shot up and he throw a fit.

The doctor came in and push u out. They cover the curtain.

Nickhun: Hey.. Take this.. (he take your hand and place two rings on it) This ring is meant for u and him…Not for me and u… Go.Go and spent the entire life with him baby…Hes your true love…Go…I was wrong…I was too selfish.. I was your past..And he is your future..Go… (He wiped his tears and smiled at u) If he bully u one dae. report to me ok! HAHA

Upon hearing that,u hugged him so long and finally loosen it and stare at him..

You: thanks so much bro…MAy god bless u… (U turned and face the curtain.WHAT is the doctors doing inside for so long????)


18.11.2010. 3PM. U fall asleep waiting for the doctors to come out from the room.And finally they did and they let u inside the room. They have already remove the ventilators from him//

You ran to him and sit next to him.he is still closing his eyes.

Doctor: SAy your last few words my child to him. He wont last long.


SHINee’s BF thinking in his comatosed state.

Onew: ‘God,Pls do not take my life now.At least give me five minutes more.Give me the strength to open my eyes and see the woman that i love infront of me….Pls God…’

Jong: ‘Baby,U r finally here but im so sorry.I cant be able to hug u anymore after this…I will be out here from thsi world soon….baby…Can u listen to me?CAn u come closer?I wana kiss you for the last time..Pls….”

Key: ‘Dear.Just  to let u know.Your love for me is enough to last me through my afterlife there. I will be watching over u from above and be your guardian angle…Take care sweety….’

Minho: ‘Pls dont cry baby..Pls.I wont be able to die in peace looking at the tears rolling down your cheeck…Look.look there.U see? Im seeing the stars nearing me..Do u see that?Its shining so brightly….Cant u see? Or am i the only one thats able to see it?’

Taemin: ‘Noona…Noona…Why cant i touch u?Why cant i listen to my own voice?Why am i only hearing your Crying and not your laughter?Arent u happy to see me finally here?Noona,dont cry…”


18.11.2010 5PM. And slowly….The doctor cover your SHINee BF face with a white sheet of blanket…

You fall on the floor and cry as loud as u can till a strong arm bring u out from the room.

It was the manager hyung’s arm.U leaned on to him as he stroke your hair and pacify u to calm down.

Manager: Dear<he may have left us.But he will still be fresh in our mind.Ive actually had a VIDEO of him for u.ESp for u.Keep it and play it whenever u miss him….


After a year,While u were sitting next to his grave,u replay the vid that manager hyung gave it to u last year… U smiled and looked at the sun….Hearing the voice from the recorder,the memories of your SHINee BF and u flashed back..

“Hey…Thats my ice cream!U arent taking it all away!!!”

“No.I love u more than the mountain,Eh,than the sky…”

“U realy look like a FATTY 9 baby!”

“See….U mess it up.So u clean it..”

“COme..Let me hug u before we bid goodbye..”

and lastly….

“BAby….Remember,If one day,I happen to leave this world before u, DOnt forgett to visit my grave yearly on our anniversary day and place my fave flower on it…At least i know that u are still in love with me.In love with my soul.Ah baby.I love u.”

AND,u stood up leaving him behind alone.

Yes.He is the cause of your tears.

Yes.he is.

Cause he love u too much till he sacrifise his life for u…


credits : To the Author


[SHINeeSTORY] Him or Him ? #1

20 Dec

It was the usual morning for u. Wake up at 8AM,bath, prepare yourself for a new day at work. U looked in the mirror and smile to yourself. Suddenly,your eyes strike a picture on your dressing table.

Its your SHINee BF and u together in that pic. It was dated 18-11-2009. Exactly a year ago during your first DATE with him. U took it in your hand and touched his face. Suddenly,The photoframe dropped and the glass break into pieces on the table. U shook your head and carefully picked up the glass fragments.

“When a glass break,its usually a bad omen” u remebered your mom always told u that!

Suddenly your SHINee’s Bf voice played in your memory..U ever broke glass before infront of him…..

Onew: (He hold on your hand when it happened a few months back and kisses your bleeding hand) “Remember,The next time,When your hand gets cut or get hurt, my kisses will always be the cure to it….”

Jong: (He gently move your hand away from the broken glass and looked at u) “I will clear it for u..My heart cant bear to see a single blood shedding from your body.Always remember that”

Key: “YAH!Seee….What happpen?U dropped a glass! AIshhhh….” (Key took a broom and sweep the florr himself.You are still standing at your same spot.Key stoppped sweeping and looked at u) “My dear princess,Would u like me to carry u to the living room?or would u want to at least move back 5 steps so that i can sweep everything clean?” (u laughed and key put his hand on his waist!HAHA)

Minho: (He squat down on the flooor and picked up every single glass fragment with his bare hand.There was one glass that penetrate through his forefinger and it bleeed profusely.U walked towards him,but he stopped u..) “No,dont get anywhere near here. Id rather cut myself rather than see you cry tolerating the pain when a glass cut u..I will be fine baby….Dont worry ok!”

Taemin: (He carrry u out from the kitchen in a bridal style and sit u comfortably on the sofa) “Noona, u wait for me here ok,I will be back soon.I will clear the mess for u.”

U shook your head and continue picking up the glass fragments slowly. Its been a week since THE LUCIFER album has been out.. And, the last time,SHINee BF called u was 1 and a half week ago. And the last SMS he send was 4 days ago….

Onew: ‘Hey my dear sweetypie..Its been so long since i last see u.Life has been tiring. Its been shows,concerts,shows,concerts since the day THE LUCIFER was released. I hope ur doing fine there also. Dont sleep with your mouth open ok,i wont be there to close it for u when u take the public transport.Ok baby. I love u. And i miss u. Pst: Listen to YOUR NAME.Its for u’

Jong: ‘Why have u been stalking me always GF? When i sing Obsession, Your face went across my mind. When i sing on stage, I always see your face among the crowd,Which i know its sure isnt u as u hate to go for concerts. When i look at text messages that i received, I always wanna see “My one and only GF” as the sender of the msg,but its always not u. When i almost wana fall asleep for atleast two hours, you voice came tickling through my ear canal and then,i wil stay awake till the next day….I miss u alot.really…”

Key: ‘Ah,Princess! See see seee…..I can see you smiling from here…Awww,,Stop crying now..Stop.stop.Ok.Good.Ah,now,dont beat your HP wallpaper..HAHA! Come,sit down. And read this carefully ok… i’ve inserted 1000 pictures of your solo pics into my HP but still, It cant replace the real u. Ive inserted tons of your videos into my PSP,but still i wana see you laugh infront of me. Ive always replay your voice into my ears whenever i wana fall asleep.but instead of putting me to sleep, Your voice bring tears in my eyes…I hope ur still wearing the locket that i bought for u….’

MInho: ‘This one week of my life,it was the torturous day of my life.The Lucifer promotion kept me busy but when i finally get to be alone at the end of the day,the thing that kept me from giving up…. It wasnt your photo,it wasnt your recorded voice or neither was it your videos in my hp… Its the presence of your love that i always feel in my heart.And that no thief can take it away from me.’

Taemin: ‘Noona…I’m not good at words…But,i really want u to think and answer this for me… Why do my tears roll down whenever i see the ring that i wear on my ring finger? The ring that u slipped onto my finger when we finally be one ?Is it because i miss u too much? Or is it because i love u too much?’

Your tears went rolling down.U have not been texting him too as u just dont want to disturb him. u told yourself ‘AHHH..Enough of thinking about him.He is big enough to take care of himself’..

U walked to the living room and read the newspaper.

HEADLINE OF THE ENTERTAINMENT SECTION: SHINee’s ___(Insert your BF’s name)_________ was found to be going out with SNSD’s ******. yest after the SM TOWN CONCERT. Fans are able to proove this to be true.Look at the pictures below…

Your eyes focused on the pictures thats infront of u. SHINee BF was totally hugging the SNSD member so tightly! But it looked photoshopped too! haix…Dunu whether its true or not!! U threw the paper on the table and open the door. And was greeted by your sweetest SHINee BF ever!

Onew: (HE smiled at u and showed two thumbs up sign) “U goin for work? Come let me send u today.” (He pulled your hand towrds him but u refused to move)

Jong: “U looked so gorgeous today.” (Jong open up his arms wide for u to dive into his chest,but u just carried on walking and ignoring him)

Key: “Hey ya princess! The almighty Key is here,at 8AM,just to see his princess of his heart before he start his day doing shows again.TADAAAAAA!” (He grabbed something from his pocket and put it in your palm.Its a cute little pink KEY ring.) “I saw this when i was at a recording station.The shop there sell rings and i saw this…i suddenly remember u….Why u din seem happy?”

Minho: (He was standing so straigth and when he sees u,he still never move and he still never utter any word…Till the moment u brave yourself and brushed pass him,he quickly grabbed your hand and your eyes melt in each other) “Pls give me another a few more minutes.just spare me a few more minutes to see your face GF…” (Minho let go of your hand and pleaded with u)

Taemin: (he will smiled at u cheerfully!) “Im so glad i nvr miss u!” (He run up to u and hugged u as though u re his teddy bear….He stroke your hair and whisper at your ears “U feel so diffrent today.”

You continue walking to your desired bustop and ignore him totally.You joined the queue and your SHINee BF went behind u and joined the queue along. He tried to get cheecky and move his head nearer and rest it on your shoulder. And he whisper..

Onew: “Dont u miss me like how i went crazy missing u?” (his hand glided toward your waist andtickle your waist)

Jong: “Hey…wat have i done wrong? Come on,Turn and face me….” (jong played with your hair and waited for your response)

Key: “baby,,Dont go work lehh today…Take off k..I wana spend this day with u” (He continue resting his head on your shoulder and pouted his lips) “I actually locked manager hyung door so that he wil get stuck in his room for at least 1 hour more,Just to come here and spent my time with u…”

Minho: “GF ah…..Dont u wana see your Flaming charisma prince? Im right here behind you.Turn ok.” (Minho grabbed your hand but u violently shake it off his hand)

Taemin: (He did not utter a word.he just continue resting on your shoulder and close his eyes)

U actually want to free youself from your SHINee BF at that moment,But actually,on the other hand,U just feel like turning around and hugged him back as u misses him TOO MUCH!

U smiled to yourself and decided to act ‘Angry’ still. the photos that the newspaper printed out might be PHOTOSHOPPED anyways ..Suddenly, someone patted your SHINee BF from the back. He turned and it was 2PM NICKHUN.. U did not turn your head as you are busy looking at the buses that are turning.

“Yo! yest night was superb! U were great man! How do u manage to get to dance with SNSD *****? I tried so many times asking for her to dance with me but she refused me! Oh teach me your secret ahhh…” (NICKHUN nudged your SHINee BF….Your SHINee BF quickly cover his mouth and whisper AT NICKHUN’S s ear..)

Onew: “YAH!MY GF IS INFRONT!! DOnt say about yesterday thing can?She can be a tigress u know!” (Nickhun then smack his own forehead!)

Jong: “U! NExt time if u want to talk,look around u first can?My GF is directly infront of me. She’s in a bad mood today for unknown reason.U want me to die faster is it??”

Key:”Ah u wanna know the secret ehh? I will tell u if i still live longer after this ok! My GF will chop my head after this. So,pray for my best of luck ok!”

Minho: “Hyung ahhhh…Now is not the appropriate time to talk about yest.My GF is here.And she’s refusing to talk to me….”

Taemin: “Hyung ahhh…hush hush..My Noona can hear whatever that u just say.And she will surely refuse to talk to me after this!i will text u later can??”

Nickhun looked over your SHINee BF’s shoulder to glance at u. “Yo bro! Introduce me to her ahh..I wana seee my sis-in-law!” Your SHINee BF grabbed your hand and turned u over to face Nickhun… U lay your eyes on the guy infront of u.Nickhun stare straight at your face. And the both of of u stared at each other for so long.

There was a few seconds of silence.Nickhun studied your face for the entire minute without blinking his eyes…….

“He finally is here infront of me again” This ran through your mind the moment u saw him!

“Finally, we met again.God knows how tough it was for me to search for u!! Shoot. I’ve went to all the places that u always love to go to during thsoe days! Just to find u! 5 YEARS dammit! Wheres all the promises that u once promised me??” Nickhun suddenly shouted at u. You looked down. Your tears came rolling and it moisten your SHINee BF’s hand.

Onew: (Onew tugged Nickhun’s Collar and bring him to a corner) “Eh.wat on earth did u just say just now???TELL ME.WHAT EXACTLY HAPPEN BTW U AND HER??”

Jong: (He let go of his hand and let your hand fall weakly to your side.He stare straight into nickhun’s eyes and push him out from the queue) “Either u tell me the whole story or i will land my punch on your beautiful face!”

Key: (He turned and looked at u.but u are still looking down) “I think the two of u,u guys have a lot to fill me up right? Shall we go and have a small,serious, talk now?” (Key pulled your hand and forced u to follow him) “Nickhun, hurry up!”

Minho: “Baby…Do u know Nickhun?” (He tipped up your chin and slowly ask u…)

Taemin: “Ah hyung ahh…I think u get it confuse..She’s My GF,and i dun think she knows u…Rigth baby?” (Taemin looked at u but u just refused to look into his eyes..)

Nickhun ,U,SHINee BF finally get to the nearest park and there u are, sandwhiched btw the two man that was your past and your future. Your SHINee BF looked at your face that has been crying since just now. On the other hand,Nickhun took out a photo from his pocket and put it infront of your SHINee BF.

He took it and his heart….If there’s an ant walking around there,they will surely hear his heart smashed. Its a photo of u and Nickhun with his hand around your waist. Dated: 18/11/2001.

And, written behind it was “This date.When Our love unite.Pls.Wrap your arms around me till the day i die,Nickhun”

Thoughts that run across your SHINee BF’s mind…

Onew: ‘She has not been mine all along.’ (Looking at the photo again and again…) ‘The same exact date that we become couple.18-11-2009.’

Jong: ‘Dear God,Pls..tell me.this is only a dream. I cant bear this. I really cant. (He place the photo down on the table and he shoved his hair back while covering his forehead!)

Key: ‘No wonder baby.U took so long to agree being my GF. How i never give up asking for u to be my GF everyday. And u finally accept me on the 18/11/2009 last year without any apparent reason. Now i know why. I really know why.Its tthe same date where u and him started the romantic love process right!’

Minho: ‘No wonder…No wonder everytime she sees 2Pm on tv, she will change it fast. And how she always refuse to meet up at 2PM always. thats how deep her love for him is.’

Taemin: ‘Noona, I tot im your first love. Cause u are mine first love…’

Nickhun then clear his throat and break the coldness that surround them.

“I shall give u a brief on what excatly happen a few years back. We became a couple since 18-11-2001.And After i auditioned for 2PM,suddenly i spend less time with her… And,manager hyung refuse to let me connect with the outside world for a few months. And, She went missing hence after. I searched for her Up and down,High and low..But to no avail. After 2PM finally succeeded as what we are now, I began searching for her back. But, still cant find her…And, Here she is Now… but she’s now yours…..”

You finally looked up and looked at your SHINee BF reaction.

Onew: “No no…..She’s been yours all along…I’m sorry hyung..I really din know that she’s used to be your girl.Im really am sorry.” (Onew took out his ring from his finger and placed it on the table) “I shall return her back to u….”

Jong: “Nickhun hyung ahh….Pls take good care of her for me after this yeah…She has been my life since the day i saw her.But i know,Rightfully she’s yours.I shall learn to lead this life again alone…”

Key: “This is completely shocking to me….It really is..” (Key looked at u and stare at u while he talked) “U should haf told me this earlier.Now,Ive already encraved your name in my do u expect me to remove it awae??”

Minho: “nah hyung.U do not haf to explain further.I completely understand….Once again, Im happy that u finally meet her back.And i will always pray for the two of u to be happy at all times…..”

Taemin: “Noona,Thanks for lying to me all this while.I truely appreciate it…” (Taemin looked at Nickhun hyung and smile) “Ok Hyung.I got to go now.See u around soon.” (Before he stand up,he remove his ring and throw it to the dustbin next to them.Your eyes widened upon seeing this)

Your SHINee BF stood up and walk away. You followed him and garbbed his hand forcefully.

“U are such a coward!Dont u know that???Do u know how much i wanted to tell u not to let me go?? Do you know how much i wanted to hug u just now when u lay your head on my shoulder?? Do you know how much i wanted u to kiss me when u finally see me at my house just now?? DO u know how much my jealousy shot up when i saw the pics of u and SNSD at the papers just now?? Do u know how much i just wanted to stay in your hugs?? Do you know that…I love u more than everything in this life….?”

He did not looked at your eyes at all. He violently removed his hand from your grab.

Onew: “Im sorry bb….U are not mine anymore…”

Jong: “Aish….Save your romantic words for him later ok…”

Key: “Sorry. Look like you are not the real KEY to my heart”

Minho: “Looking at u and him just now,U two looked very compatible.Take good care of yourself bb….”

Taemin: “I love u noona.But he loves u more…I can see that he loves u more than how i love u noona”

He smiled at u and waved goodbye.He finally turned and walked back to his dorm. All his other SHINee member is now practising Singing in their practising room…Your EX-SHINee BF lay himself on his bed and closes his eyes..But he opened it back… Your image keep floating in his mind…. He stood up and glance through his room…. Most of his things reminded him of u! The perfume that he uses..The shirt that his wearing.The Watch that’s ticking. The hand lotion. The shaver. The photoframe…… He walked over to it and looked at it….

Onew: “I wonder what exactly u and Nickhun is doing now baby…” (Onew suddenly feel his cheecks getting wet and the frame was filled with his tears) “Why must our relationship end this way?”

Jong: “This used to be our fav photo together.The first pic that we took after we officially become a couple on 18-11-2009….And,it gonna turned ONE YEAR SOON..but,too bad… There wont be anymore of such….”

Key: “YAH!Why are u still looking at me??Go and look at Nickhun!” (Key smashed the pic on his bed and cover his face.) “DAMN! Why must everything turn out as such!?! When i tot this would be my only girl in my life….Things sure to turn to the wrong way when we have perfectly plan it…”

Minho: “Take good care of yourself bb…..I will always have u in my heart forever….I will look after u from far,Let him take care of u as near as u could aloow him too baby….”

Taemin: “I really wana throw thsi picture frame away…But….” (He hugged the picture frame as tightly as he could..) “But..but….This is the first ever photo of u and me baby….”

For you…U are now alone with Nickhun…. U looked at him straight into his eyes.

“Thanks so much for doing all this for me.Im sure u are happy after u manage to wreck my relationship with him.Why must u disturb my life??? After 8 years and u just come back in my life and snatched me from my BF’s arms?? What the shit is this? Do u know how much ups and downs i went through with him?? DO u know how deep his love is for me? Do u????”

U slapped his face.That leave him shocked and stunned. He cut through your eyes and that stare brings shivers through your spine.

“Promise.U promised me last 8 years. U promised that Once i managed to be one of the well known people in this world,U will marry me…And now i am…And,u promised infront of the religious book remember?”

U suddenly loss all hopes. Yes.Thats true. A promise being witnessed by a religious book cant be turned over. U let out a small sigh….Images of your EX SHINee BF came flashing through….U wonder what he is doing now…..

“18-11-2010.Its in two days time.Shall we get married on that day?” Nickhun forcefully grab you into his hug and u reluntantly hug him back…………


Credits : To the author

[SHINeeSTORY] When it comes to love …#4 [END]

13 Dec

After 15minutes,theres still no answer from u.SHINee BF find something amiss..

But he still carry on with his schedule…

Until a call make him totally lost.

He answered the Phonecall.Its your mom.

Your Mom: “Hey Son-to-be!So sorry if im disturbing your date with my daughter.But can u pls ask her whether would she like to have Pizza for dinner later? Cause aunty tried calling her HP but there wasnt any anwer.Thx Son-to-be!”

not wanting to let yr mom worried,He simply answer YES on your behalf on hang down the call.

Manager Hyung knew something was amiss.

Manager: “Ah,I think u wont be able to concentrate if ur here in Jeju.Ive booked a flight for all of us in thirty minutes.The next performance will be ours and we will dash back to Seoul After this.

SHINee BF thanked manager for being so understanding…

Once their performances ended,they rushed of to the airport. SHINee BF went into your facebook account and saw everything.

The TAGGED PHOTO,The warnings that an unknown person had given u.

He knew who this person is.. Its the Girl that he rejected a few days ago.

The girl that almost break your relationship with SHINee BF!

Once he touched his feet on Seoul land,SHINee BF took a cab and headed over to the girl’s secret hangout place!

She used to bring him there as noone know the place.

He slowly creeped himself near to the back door.

And true,He heard your voice.

YOU: “Pls Dont hurt My yeobo!Pls hurt me as much as u want..” And there!Another SLAP was given to u.


He still remember one moment when u gets drunk when u had a party.Till the moment u did not even recognise him as your BF! U danced so closely with a Handsome Guy infront of him and shout clearly that


Everyone was staring at SHINee BF. Hie was humiliated publicly!

U put your arms around the handsome guy and SHINee BF just grab your hand away and stared in your eyes.

Onew: (He almost wanted to slap u but he stopped himself) “Hey Bb.Wake up.Im your BF.Is it wrong for your BF to look at his GF dancing so intimately with another guy!Answer me.” (At the point of time,Your mind woke up and u cried.U slapped yourself but Onew hugged u close.He cant stand to see u slapping on your self)

Jong: (He pull u out from the pub and stare in your eyes.U looked into his eyes and suddenly u remember him back.) “How?Is it nice dancing and hugging that guy inside infront of me??Or do u want me to bring u back in and u can continue your intimate moment with him??” (Ur tears dropped.U took his hand in yours and asked him to slap u) “No.I wont ever slap u.Never will i do that.”

Key: (He pushed the guy and that guy fall down to the floor.) “One more time i see u dancing with my girl,I will make sure u wont know how to dance anymore!Do u understand??” (Key pulled u out from the dancing ground and he gave u a cup of plain water) “Nah,Drink this.Clear up your mind.” (At that point of time,U know what excatly happened.U went infront of him and pinched your ears Hard.Key pull your hand away from your ear and smile) “Baby,Dont do that!!Its painful!!”

Minho: (He calmly walked to u.Shake your head gently and stare in your eyes deeply) “U forgotten bout me?Your Flaming Charisma is right here infront of u baby…” (U look into his eyes.Oh,How warmth it is to see his eyes looking into yours!U bite your lips and hug him quickly)

Taemin: (He smiled at u and took your hands in him.He slowly place his arms around your waist and dance with u.The Song was super slow.And there u goes,U remembered his wonderful touch.U stopped dancing and slapped your self infront of him.He suddenly stopped u.) “No.Dont slap yourself.Its like ur slapping me.I cant bear seeing you slapping your ownself”

SHINee BF slowly entered the ‘old barnhouse’ from the back and hid himself behind a huge cupboard. There was a small hole which allow him to see U clearly.

U were being tied up in a chair. That girl was standing right infront of u,with a cane in her hand..

Girl: “So,tell me….Do u love him ALOT? U should know what to answer right?Wrong answer means u will get another taste of this cane at your face.Then,Your pretty face will get spoilt!And he wont love u anymore!QUICK u LITTLE MONSTER!Do u love him alot?”

SHINee BF bite his lips.He whispered to himself.

Onew: ‘Say NO.SAy that u dont love me baby.Pls.SAy NO.’ (Onew closed his eyes and clenched his fist)

Jong: (Jong shake his head) ‘say NO.No.No.Listen to me baby.Pls listen to me.Close your eyes.Pls.Say NO to her’

Key: (he hold onto his KEY pendant that u gave him and kissed it) ‘If u really love me,answer NO to her dear….Pls,say NO to her question….Pls.Pls.’

Minho: (He squat down on the ground and bite his fist…) ‘That girl.I swear im going to make her life miserable if she touch my girl.i swear’

Taemin: (He looked into the hole again and bite his lips.) ‘I wont scold u if u say u dont love me.just say that u dont love me noona…I wont be angry.Say it quick!)

That girl stare at your face,waiting for your answer.You looked straight into her eyes and bravely answered “YES.I LOVE HIM ALOT.ALOT.ALOT.SATISFIED??”

PIANNNGGGGGZZZZZZZ….The cane landed on your face.SHINee Bf’s tears went down his cheecks.

Girl: (She placed the cane away and surprisingly she took out a pistol from her pants) “Ah,too bad.Your SHINee BF is now in jeju.And i can do anything that i want to at u.Your life is in my hand now. (She placed the gun near your cheecks and smile evilly) “Maybe your SHINee BF will come to me once ur dead……So should i kill u??”

SHINee BF know that its the moment to show himself.He stood up and showed himself.The Girl was shocked and pull u up frm the chair and point the gun to your neck.

Onew: (He slowly walked towards the both of u) “Hey take it easy.Im here.Im here for u.Who say i love her?I love u.I have always love u.Im here to take u to the nearby church and we shall get married” (Onew smiled at the girl and uses ‘sweet talks’ to try and get her away from u)

Jong: (He stopped walking and smiled to the girl) “Why didnt u call me since yest?Ive been waiting for your calls.See,Im right here.I want to see u so much.Push that stupid girl away. I want to be with u alone…..Come,Hug me…” (Jong pretended that he love HER,not u just to get the gun away from u!)

Key: (He shook his head and smiled twards the girl) “If u kill that girl,U will be locked up and u cant marry me…Then,we will get old and we wont have any children!Give the gun to me come baby!And i will bring u to the church right away and we shall get married!” (Key make a lame joke to make the girl forget about the gun!)

Minho: (He winked at the girl and gave her his most seductive smile) “I was just from Jeju and i brought for u a very nice dress…But its inside my car.Come,Lets try it baby.leave that girl alone..I just want to be alone with u.Only u.” (He looked straight into the girl’s eyes.Not looking at u at all!)

Taemin: “Ah,U looked so gross when u hold the gun noona.Not the usual Sexy noona when u hold the gun eh.Throw it can?I want to hug u now but im afraid of the gun.Noona,Pls get it away from yourself!)

The girl chuckled to herself.

Girl: “Who do u think i am??A small stupid girl that knows nothing!I know,Your heart beat for her and her heart beat for u!There isnt a single space for me right in your heart??!! So,Now,To be in your heart,I know killing her is the only solution…..Or,Should i kill YOU INSTEAD??SO,Neither me nor her will get u????”

SHe pointed the gun to SHINee BF instead.

ONew: (He smiled) “If that makes u happy,Kill me.Id rather die than seeing my Love died earlier than me. (he looked at u and give u a wink)

Jong: (He open up his jacket and points his finger towards his chest) “Shoot here.In the middle but to the left a bit.My heart is here.”

Key: (He smiled and looked at u.You shake your head.He make a small love and showed to u.) “Shoot me now.Shoot me while im looking at the love of my life…”

Minho: (He looked straight at the girl and chuckled) “I think u never hold a gun before right?There are 6 bullets in there.If the first and second bullet can’t get through me,pass the gun to me and i will kill myself.Ok?”

Taemin: (He fall on his knee and put his hand around his head.He looked at the girl straight and then turned to u…He smiled at u for so long and gave u a flying kiss) “Ok.SHoot me dead now.Im waiting.”

The girl pulled the trigger…..

BOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM….And blood was shattered all over the place..You fall on your knee and looked at the blood that was shattered all over.

The paramedic came.

Paramedic: “Victim has no pulse.Absent.We need to send him to the hospital to confirmed thoroughly whether the victim is really dead or not”

SHINee BF walked towards u and hugged u for the longest time ever..You hugged him back.

He kisses you on your forehead,cheeks.

ONew: “Baby,I love u.I really do….U know that right?” (He looked deeply into your eyes.U burried your head into his chest and u cried as long as u ever had!)

Jong: “Thank god ur still alive.Look.How strong our love is.See how much i love u already…” (Jong kissed ur hand and place it near to his chest) “This heart will always pumped for u.Only for u.”

Key: “Dont say anything.Just hug me.Hug me.” (Key pulled u into his hug and he stroked your hair.He kissed your hair and whisper at u) “I love u as much as i love my own life…”

Minho: (He pull u into his lap and stare into your eyes) “I love u baby.I love u alot.Really a lot..Can u pls say that u love me too now?” (U wiped away your tears and hold his cheeck and whisper in his ears I love You.Minho bite his lips and smiled so widely)

Taemin: (He giggled and smiled so widely at u) “I think noone is looking at us now…Can u kiss me quickly?” (U looked around and as noone is looking,U kissed him on his cheek and whisper to him I LOVE U)

SHINee BF looked at the Body that was being pushed away into the ambulance.His time will come to. To be pushed into the ambulance.

The bullet that was in his left body is now making his body too weak.

Actually,When the girl shot her first bullet,It was exactly the same time where the police came in and shoot directly at her.

U did not noticed that SHINee BF was being shot at SUCCESSFULLY by the girl.U only had your eyes on the Girl that was slowly falling onto the ground.

Now,SHINee BF’s Blood keep oozing out.

You: (u realised that your dress was wet.U laughed at him and tried to make a joke) “Were u too scared till u pass urine in your pants?See,It soaked through my dress now…” (U touched his pants and its Hot. U looked at your hand.And its red) “WHY ARE U BLEEDING????”

U turned to him and SHINee BF’s eyes is already close..

You shouted for the paramedic and they came and resuscitate him immediately.

“Sorry.We cant save him.We are really sorry my dear..”


You stare at your HP Wallpaper..

Its the last pict that u took with him last week..

Before taking the pict,u asked him “What will u do for me to show that u really love me?”

He answers “I will die for u.”

And he really did.

In your arms.

Your house Bell rang.U opened it without looking at the peep hole.

a COURIEr man was holding a parcel in his arm and handed it to u.

Courier: “the sender actually wants this parcel to be given to u at 8PM sharp.He said that You agreed to be his GF at this same timing last year.SO,he wants to make a surprise.SOrry to hear about his death.Heard it from the news.Sorry.he was a good man.I can see. Rest well madam.”

Once he left,u opened up the box and u looked in it.Its a cute bear in it.

A Girl Bear wearing a A wedding gown. There was a card attached to it.

“Will u marry me??” -Your SHINee BF

U cried at the spot and kisses the card.

He planned all this before he pass away..

See How much he loved u.


Credits : Same Author

[SHINeeSTORY] When it comes to love …#3

12 Dec

STATUS: ‘Try separating us again.Let me see.Whether u will succeed or not this time round.’

U smiled at your lappy wallpaper and a NOTIFICATION popped up. Someone tagged 3 picts of u.

You clicked on the TAGGED PICTURES.Its a snap of you and your SHINee Bf moments ago just outside your house.

Under the pictures,It was written “Dont take back anything that u ever throw aside.He’s mine.and will always be. Choose. Your life or his.”

Without further ado,U called your SHINee BF.He did not picked up….. :/

U tried calling one more time.and now,the line cannot even go through!


U quickly called manager hyung’s number…And he picked it up so fast!

YOU: “hyung ah,Is he with u now?I cant contact him!!”

Manager: “Ah yes he is.He is safe here with me.Infact he is bathing now….Anything that u need from him?I can ask him to get out from the shower now”

YOU: (U laughed.Indeed ur the happiest girl now!) “Ah its ok hyung ahh.Let him have his bath.Convey my regards to him yeah!”

You were smiling to yourself so widely.Now u can haf an ease of mind….He is safe now. ^^

The next day.When u wakes up….Your Hp beeped.U read the SMS.

Onew: ‘Good Morning my dear princess.Im sure u had a good sleep last nite.Well,I might not be able to see u today as we will have 3 shows today.I wil miss u alot baby girl….I love u’

Jong: ‘Hey my dear!im sure ur still sleeping now….Heh…Dreaming about me right?Ah too bad i had to stop dreaming about u now.Had to bath and prepare for shows today.I will text u in btw the shows ok! Saranghae.Kissess and hugs from your Bling Bling’

Key: ‘Go and sleep back after reading tis msg ok! I dont want to see wrinkle on your face at tis early stage of life.hah.Anw bb girl,I will be very busy today.3shows in a row. But i promise,i will call u secretly in the toilet ok!Hehe…… Ah,Yes.I miss u already. ;(‘

Minho: ‘I miss this little princess of mine alot.may god bless her today,tomorrow and till ever last ‘

Taemin: ‘Good morning yeobo! Guess what!I dreamt of u just now!U were just about to kiss me ehs but then the dream was being cut off!manager hyung wakes me up!Hope u will continue the dream as reality ok!Hwaiting bb!Sleep well!’

Upon seeing his msg,U laughed and smile at his msg.U dove out from bed and switched on your Facebook first.

Again.another NOTIFICATION from the Unknown Facebook user.

She tagged another picture of SHINee BF which is on the way to enter his van.Its dated today,3minutes ago!

U shower quickly and went out from your house.U called your SHINee Bf.

YOU: “Hey yeobo!Can i follow u to the concerns today?Pls Pls Pls.tell manager hyung pls pls….”

Onew: (He scratched his head and asked manager hyung) “Ah,but we r already On the way to the airport.We have a show at Jeju island today.U follow next time ok!”

Jong: “Ah sweety baby!I really do want u to follow me.Instead we can spend more time there.but,i dun think theres still time for u to reach here on time ehs.Next time i shall bring u along ok!”

Key: “Ah,(he pouted his mouth at manager) never mind bb.Dont cry ok.Next time if we go out from Seoul,I will fetch u and u will be with us ok!But today,Cannot..We haf not enough time..Next time k sweetheart?”

Minho: “Hmmmm…..I will be back today itself…I wont go away from u so long…I promise i will be back for u…Wait for me ok!”

Taemin: “Aish,Why can’t they give us another hyung ah?” (He jokingly said that.In the end,he hugged manager jhyung and kisses his cheek.LOL.) “Sorry noona yeobo…..Hyung say we cannot afford to waste another 15minutes to take u from your house…NExt time ok!Even manager hyung promise”

You bite yr lips.Ah,He wont be within your sight anymore within the next few hours. But,Thank god,manager hyung will always be with him.

YOU: “Ok then,Take good care of yourself ok!Text me regularly!Stick wit manager hyung…Dont go away from him…Ok?”

before u could finish of your sentence,He intruded in..

Onew: “And,dont look at any other pretty sexy girl except for you right??” (Onew laughed so hard and u blushed so badly!)

Jong: “And….And….When SNSD or any other girl bands are there,Just stare at my HP and look at your picture instead right??” (You bite your lips and laughed to yourself)

Key: “And..And…..To try and refuse any photo taking with other girls….Or if they really want,answer them back..Im attached sorry…right?” (key laughed at u.)

Minho: “And let me guess….And when u remember about me,Call me straight away…..Am i right baby?”

Taemin: “And,And, To please stop making cute cute faces on the stage that make fangirls go crazy over them..HAha!correct?” (U laughed at him alsoo)

He is sooo adorably cute!^^ U put down the HP and went inside your house.But,when u are just about to open your main door,Someone tapped u from behind and placed a handkerchief filled with kerosene on your mouth/nose. U fainted in that person’s arm. And u were being carried away.


@ the airport. While walking towards the departure gate,Your SHINee BF suddenly feel uneasy. He looked at his mobile and saw your wallpaper. and smile to himself. He placed his mobile in his back jean’s pocket and surrender his passport to the counter.many fans are videoing him.

When he is finally in the transit area,The bangle that u once gave him broken and the beads were all over the place.He bend down and picked every beads that’s on the floor.

Onew: ‘Bah,i hope she’s fine.Why is my heart so heavy now?Ah maybe because im leaving her for the day’ (Onew shake his negative feeling and continue walking with the rest)

Jong: ‘Ah,this bangles never ever once broken.Why must it break at the same time when my heart felt so heavy??Is something bad gonna happen?Aish,No.Cant be.She’s safe.She’s with her mom at home now…’

Key: ‘Although this bangle is not so expensive,but when it break,My heart breaks too..It has a strong connection with my baby darling.Is she ok there?Ah,maybe she’s crying as she can’t follow today.Heh.’(key smiled to himself and run after the others)

Minho: ‘No no.Everythings gonna be fine.I will meet her after 11 hours..She will be fine.She will be fine this eleven hours..Im sure..’ (He knows very well that something is not right,but he shake that thoughts away)

Taemin: ‘Aish….Why must it break now?Why did she also suddenly wanted to follow today?She usually doesnt care where SHINee goes to…But today,She sounded so different…Ah,maybe she just don’t want to loss me again to another girl’s hand’ (Taemin smile and run after his hyung!)

After a few hours…

SHINee finally reaches Jeju Island.Tons of fans are waiting for them. SHINee as usual,Smile to all and even waved at them….. Once they are in the van… He texted u..

Onew: ‘Finally here in Jeju.Shall i buy for u tangerines dear?Or would u want some handcrafted bangles?’

Jong: ‘There were so many fans at the airport.Dont worry.None strike my eyes.My eyes is for u only.’

Key: ‘Yeah!Reached!Now im happily munching some crackers and Onew hyung is already sleeping!haha!’

Minho: ‘Ah baby,can u help me see what time is the LIVE telecast for Korea Baseball match today?I suddenly remember about it!’

Taemin: ‘Noona Noona neomu yeppeo……..I started to miss u already.Im sure u too right?Hehe!’

After 15minutes,theres still no answer from u.SHINee BF find something amiss..

But he still carry on with his schedule…

Until a call make him totally lost.


Who called him?

What will happen at last!?

Why did i choose this tittle instead of the rest?!

Will u cry another round again??


Credits : Same Author

[SHINeeSTORY] When it comes to love …#2

11 Dec

The journey to home gonna take at leat 45minutes long.U fall asleep and eventually,U leaned against your EX SHINee BF’s shoulder..U did not notice that u are leaning against him.U were too fatigue.

He stopped driving and parked his car at a corner.

He looked at u sleeping.

Onew: ‘I miss kissing u.But i know,I loss the right to kiss u since just now.’

Jong: ‘That pink lips of yours..I’ve always love it when u smile for me.But now,I know,It will be smiling for other guys soon”

Key: ‘Can i kiss u now?’ (Key leaned forward to kiss u but he stopped halfway) ‘Ah,Ur not mine anymore’

Minho: ‘Sleep as long as u want my dear.I know,This will be the last time ever u gonna sleep on my shoulder anymore…”

Taemin: (He played with your hair and smell the scent of it) “I will miss playing with your hair.But i know,Its too late now to take back my words”


His HP rang.He quickly picked it up not wanting to wake u up.

SHE: “Ah baby boy!I miss u alot now!Can u pick me up now itself??Im done with my modelling for the day..Im sure u are free now right?manager hyung just texted me that SHINee has no plan today…So Can i get ready now???”

Your Ex SHINee BF looked at u that is still sleeping soundly.

Onew: “Ah……Sorry…I cant…Im stuck in a traffic jam now….I will just meet u tonight”

Jong: “Nope.Lets just meet tonight.Im doing something right now.And i cant leave it halfway”

Key: “Aigooo…Sorry baby girl…. Im having a bad tummy now….Im sure u dont want to go out with a stinky Handsome guy right??”

Minho: “Im in the middle of a soccer match now.I will call u back later?Is it ok with u?”

Taemin: “Argh,Sorry..I can only meet u at night.I gotta go home and finish my school assignment bahh”

She let out a huge sigh over the handphone and just put down the phone so harshly!He put his HP to one side.. And looked at u.U were staring straight into his eyes now.U quickly get away from him and looked straight.

YOU: “why did u lie to her?Ur free now right?Come,Drive me back to my house so that u can have a longer time with her.Pity her.She is so eager to meet u….Come,Start driving!”

He obeyed your wish and drive.While driving,he suddenly said…

Onew: “Can i take back my words earlier just now at the beach?I think i love u more than her!”

Jong: “I think i loss my mind just now.I said nonsensical things.I dont want to let u go yet.Pls.accept me back”

Key: “Ah..I dont feel the same when i heard her voice just now..I feel like i love u again now..”

Minho: “Pardon me for my carelessness just now.Watever that i said just now at the beach,Not true at all.I think i still want u in my life!”

Taemin: “Can i take u back into my life?Can u be my girl once again?I’m sure my heart is really wanting u now!”

Your eyes widen and u gave him a tight slap to his left cheek.

YOU: “Wat do u think i am?A TOY in your life where u can just throw and take whenever u want???I have feelings too! But looking at how you’re treating me, Im sorry.. Ur really a TRUE man. A man that gets shaken of when he see a new thing in his eyes.”

You were really angry at him! Luckily u haf reached your house.Its still raining.U dashed out from the car.He ran after you.

Onew: (he pulled your hand) “Hey!Wait!Look! Im not what u think i am!Im still the same Onew! Everything that i said just now at the beach,I din mean it…..I said all that cause u keep asking me all over again.I get so pissed of! Pls baby.Accept me back!”

Jong: (he ran to u and hug u from behind.the rain nvr stopped pouring) “IM sorry.I still do love u.Its just that, When u keep asking me the same question all over again,I get really angry!”

Key: (He went infront of u,Hold your hand and kiss it) “Pls.Just give me one last chance.I promise i will stick to my wordssss!”

Minho: (He pull u into his hug.He stroke your hair and he gently rest his chin on your shoulder) “I m taking back my words just now….Can u still accept me back?”

Taemin: (He hold your hand and grab it tight) “just one last chance.Just one.”

You bite yr tongue and u look into his eyes.He doesnt seem he’s lying.

You smiled and slowly plant a kiss at his cheeck.He was so shocked.

He pulled u close to him and he whisper at your ear.

Onew: “Kiss me more will u?I miss it so much!”

Jong: “Ah.Now u are making me more cheecky!Are there anyone looking at us now???” (he looked around and saw an old couple looking straight at u two!)

Key: “Only One?Can i haf another here?Here?Here?” (he points towards his left and right cheek and lastly at his mouth)

Minho: “Ah,i miss your kisses alot.Can u pls dont stop kissing me?Continue pls…” (Minho closed his eyes and waited for u to kiss him)

Taemin: “Noona, Can i kiss u now?Ive been waiting so long to kiss u….Pls….Grant me the permission”

You stamped on his foot and stick your tongue out at him.

YOU: “Boo!No More!Once is enough!Shall see u again my cute,handsome,pretty,gorgeous BF!Call me once u reach home ok! ^^ I love u^^”

Onew: (He flew kisses to u and smile) “I love u too.And trust me.Im not lying”

Jong: (He winked his eyes at u) “Pssstt…Tomorrow kiss me again ok!”

Key: (He waved his hands at you as though he is performing Hello) “Bye bye Bye Bye!” (Singing to Hello tune!) “saranghae baby girl!”

Minho: (He gave u a flying kiss and then he winked at u)  “Dream about me tonight ok!I promise u that I will dream of u too!”

Taemin: “Noona….” (He spinned around and then he knee down infront of u) “Thanks for giving me a second chance…”

Seeing him back to his normal self,U smiled to yourself. U went into your room and switched on your FaceBook and updated your status.

STATUS: ‘Try separating us again.Let me see.Whether u will succeed or not this time round.’

U smiled at your lappy wallpaper and a NOTIFICATION popped up. Someone tagged 3 picts of u.

You clicked on the TAGGED PICTURES.Its a snap of you and your SHINee Bf moments ago just outside your house.

Under the pictures,It was written “Dont take back anything that u ever throw aside.He’s mine.and will always be. Choose. Your life or his.”

Without further ado,U called your SHINee BF.He did not picked up….. :/

U tried calling one more time.and now,the line cannot even go through!


What happen to him?

Who tagged the pictures?

What did she mean by ” Choose. Your life or his.”??

What exactly gonna happen??


credits : same author

[SHINeeSTORY] When it comes to love … #1

6 Dec

U looked into his eyes. U cant figure out what he was thinking. U stare back into the open sea that was infront of u. Waiting for him to explain to u everything..This is definitely not the first time u heard rumours about him with the same girl.And as time goes by,The rumours seems hard not to be believed. And furthermore,when u see it with your own eyes…

Its really difficult to ignore.

U asked him “I’m not forcing you.U know me well right?I just need an answer from u.thats all. Is it true that u have a little feeling for her? Come tell me the truth….I wont get mad…I promised u that..”

That questionhas been asked for the last 15minutes. Theres still no answer from him.


Onew: (he clear his throat,turned his body facing u and hold your hand) “I might be a really mean BF of yours.but,Im sorry. I cant hide this anymore.My love for u.Is depleting as days goes by….” (He looked at every inch of reaction that u surfaces)

Jong: (He looked straight into the open sea too,Avoiding to look into your eyes) “I think its time for us to go our separate ways now.We arent of the same wavelength anymore…..I guess this is the best solution baby” (He turned his head slightly and wait for your response)

Key: “I’ve always been wanting to find the correct timing to tell u this.I guess its time.Yes.My heart,it has change. It no longer yearn for you.Instead its looking for another….A new replacement…..” (key said it straight)

MInho: (He went infront of u and knee down infront of u) “Ur really a nice girl my dear.too nice.While i’m..Im just another bad boy that goes around breaking people’s heart.I breaked yours today. I know. U can slap me now…. Reallyyy”

Taemin: “Yes noona,I love another girl now. Im sorry.But lets end this now.before i hurt u more…” (Taemin sounded very mean but deep down,his heart was really aching when he said it.he never ever once dream of breaking this noona’s heart but he had toooo..)

You knew it.U knew it all along.You are just a toy in his life..A toy that could be thrown away when not needed by a big superstar like him. You smiled and turned at him.

You: “Neh.Its ok.Thanks for all your love that u haf tried giving me all this while.thanks.I gotta go. Shall see u around. Good Luck for your future endevours. Remember life is only once.U cannot ask for it to be replayed. ok? take care!”

You walked away,while placing your couple ring on the table. He was looking down all the way,not wanting to see you at all.

Once u are out from his sight,He placed the ring in his hand..

Onew: “I hope i made the right choice of letting her go”

Jong: “Why is my heart suddenly feel so so heavy when she left?”

Key: “Wah,I feel so empty when she left me alone here.Neh,i must get use to this.”

Minho: “Been so used to being with her,Now,when she left, my soul seemed so uneased..So unusual…”

Taemin: “I think im feeling sad because i tot first love last forever.but actually NOT.”

He shook his head and walked away.He called the girl and she answered.

SHE: “Ah baby honey!U finally called!Where are you?Im finishing my work soon!Arent u gonna date me tonight?”

Onew: (he laughed) “Hahah!!Im at er,er,er the beaach..I finally excaped from her.Lets celebrate it tonight!Shall we?”Onew talked while he went into his car..)

Jong: (He smiled,Turned on the engine and looked at the rear mirror to check on his hair.He smiled while listening to her talking) “Did i tell u.Your voice brings joy through out me?How happy can u make someone feel with your jovial voice? Lets celebrate tonight! For my braveness in asking a break from her today!Yeah!im a free man finally!”

Key: “Wah wah wah.there u go rapping again.Can u talk slower and softer?Haha!Ah,ANyways,My dear Princess,I will picked u up later at night and we shall go and celebrate together for my victory today! I manage to break free from her at all!”

Minho: “Of course.A day without seeing u,I feel very stress out and sad.We shall go and party all night.Ah,U know what? U and me,can finally be together as of today.Yes.Im free from her!at last!”

Taemin: “Sexy,Tonight, I will dance for u.A very exclusive one.To commemorate my first day as a new MAN!Yes! Im finally single again!”

She: (She was clapping her hand and was soo overjoyed!) “Ah finally she’s gone out of the picture.She has been a total pain in my life. I hope she will get into an accident an….an….and”

Onew: (He stopped her halfway) “Hey.Stop talking that about her.She might be my EX GF but still u cant talk about her as such..U dont know her as well as i do.”

Jong: “STOP.I said STOP.She’s still my friend although we arent a couple anymore.I beg u.Stop saying that kinda words to her.She’s not what u think ok.”

Key: “Why are u sooo mean?We arent GOD to pray the worse for people.Do u know that she does not even cry when i ask for a break up?And she does not even say a single bad thing about you?So,pls baby,Dont say it anymore ok!”

Minho: “Yah,No.U cant say that.She’s one of the most sweetest girl i ever met.Yup,Its true that our fate is no longer together but I still regard her as a friend.A very close friend.Pls.Pls respect my request bb”

Taemin: “Its very bad to pray for the worse for people!She used to get tormented at by fans but never did she once scolded any fans or even hurt them back.Learn to be like her ok. Ok sweety?”

She rolled her eyes and place down her HP.He smiled and continue driving. It was already raining cats and dogs.

You were sitting alone at the bustop waiting for your bus to come. He saw u from far and stopped directly infront of the bustop.Everyone’s eyes was looking at the luxurious car that stopped.He went out from his car and run to you with an umbrella in his hand….. You were shocked seeing him there.

Onew: (His hair was wet already.So,when he was finally under the bustop shelter,He swing his hair from left to right.U looked at his handsome face.U used to scold him when he wet his hair.He suddenly smiled at u,bringing u back to reality) “I think u need a ride from me.The bus not going to come soo soon.See,its really raining heavily!Come i will drop u home”

Jong: (Jong went out from his car. Brought along the umbrella that u once bought for him.He walked so macho-ly and approached u with The same smile that make u fall for him.U remembered,His smile is the one that made u blushed so badly during the first date u had wiyh him. He waved his hand infront of u to grab your attention back.He sat next to u. ) “Ah,looks like u gonna sleep here the whole day to wait for the bus to come. I dont want u to get sick.Come.I shall send u home. U will get definitely  get sick when ur in the rain for a long time”

Key: (He took out his polka dot umbrella and ran to the bustop.Everyone was looking at his umbrella,Imagining a HOT GUY using such a sweet umbrella. U smiled to yourself.Key has always love Pink too.And he is the only guy in your life that suits to be with Pink.) “Aish,Dont refuse me.ur going to be in my car in 10secs.I will drive u home.Pls dont say NO. Cause i know u too well.NO is your fav Word.”

Minho: (he do not have any umbrella.Instead he took his extra jaket and ran to u.His shoulder length hair was wet already.He sat next to u and placed the jacket over u) “Come.Let me send u home.U will fall sick if u stay here longer. Or,either u take my car or i will wait for the bus with u here..Which one do u prefer?”

Taemin: (He looked at u from his car.His window was tinted thus people outside wont be able to see him.His heart was still aching.Upon looking at u drenched badly,It hurt even more.He quickly walked out from his car,totally soaked in the rain.He has no umbrella at all.He offered his hand to u) “Come noona.Lets go..I cant bear to see you falling sick”

You looked around.People was waiting for your response.You shake your hand towards him,indicating that u will just take bus.Until,one ahjumma voiced out.

Ahjumma: “Young lady,See.your BF is really concerned about u.Look at his eyes.he love you sooo much….Go.Dont dissapoint him….” (SHe whisper to EX SHINee BF) “Take good care of her ok.She’s really one in a million.”

Your face was blushing so badly.You had no choice but to stand up and bowed at the ahjumma and proceeded to go into his car. The ahjumma was soo happy seeing u finally accepted his offer.

In The Car.

the atmosphere was so tensed up.There was only the song of SHINee’s Quasimodo playing over at his DVD player. Suddenly u started sneezing non-stop. U had no tissue on you,thus u keep pinching your nose. He turned to look at u and shake his head. He stretched his hand to the backseat and handed u a piece of tissue.

U took it and smiled. It was very awkward being in his car today.Although u have been riding it almost everyday for 3 years,Today,It felt very strange to be inside it. U kept on sneezing and u know your condition isnt feeling good.

The journey to home gonna take at leat 45minutes long.U fall asleep and eventually,U leaned against your EX SHINee BF’s shoulder..U did not notice that u are leaning against him.U were too fatigue.

He stopped driving and parked his car at a corner.

He looked at u sleeping.

Onew: ‘I miss kissing u.But i know,I loss the right to kiss u since just now.’

Jong: ‘That pink lips of yours..I’ve always love it when u smile for me.But now,I know,It will be smiling for other guys soon”

Key: ‘Can i kiss u now?’ (Key leaned forward to kiss u but he stopped halfway) ‘Ah,Ur not mine anymore’

Minho: ‘Sleep as long as u want my dear.I know,This will be the last time ever u gonna sleep on my shoulder anymore…”

Taemin: (He played with your hair and smell the scent of it) “I will miss playing wit your hair.But i know,Its too late now to take back my words”


Does he still love you?

But why did he asked for a break for u then?

Why is the third party soo mean towrds u?

What is going on?

Why is your EX SHINee Bf still concern about u!?

Will it be a sad ending soon?


Credits : Same Author

[SHINeeSTORY] A Day Out <3

6 Dec
FINALLY! Your majors have just finished & YES! You had been looking forward to THIS very day. Little did you know, that he have been planning a surprise specially for you. When you reached home from school, you found an envelope with your name on it, right at your house’s doorstep. Curious, you opened it, & the next minute you knew, you were jumping in joy!

In the envelope, it was two tickets to theme park. You have been dying to go the theme park with him, so as to have some fun & to grab hold of him in those scary rides. HAHA. Just as you were in your gleeful thoughts, he appeared right in front of you.It was double joy for you, you hugged him & gave him a peck on his cheeks & then he said…

“WHOA! Dearest, don’t hug me so tightly. Otherwise, I will have been suffocated even before the both of us reached the theme park. HAHA.” Then you let go of him and then gave him a embarassed smile. He then grabbed hold of your hand and together the both of you went to take a bus that was heading to the theme park.

First, you guys went to ride the ferries wheel. The queue was long but soon, it was you guys’ turn to ride the crew helped to secure everything and up you guys go! The carriage got higher and higher. The people beneath got tinier and tinier.

Onew : He will touch your cheeks. “Hey hey, judging by that look on your face, you are not really enjoying this right? “You nodded your head. “Never mind, I’m here with you. After this, let’s go get chicken, you’ll feel better! “

Jonghyun: He sees your dazed looking face. He will sit next to you and put his hands over your shoulder. “Baby, I’m here with you, always, and forever. Remember that. Don’t worry, we’ll be down soon! “

Key: he will happily hold your hand. “Yeobo! Look, we’re going up, up, up! “When you did not respond, he will turn to look at you.” Are you afraid? Don’t worry; your ALMIGHTY KEY is here with you! “

Minho:  “My princess uh,are you okay? You look abit pale. Are you afraid or something? “He will rub his hands on your shoulders.” Are you cold? Do you feel warmer if i do this? Don’t worry; your prince here will be here no matter what. “

Taemin: he will look out of the carriage. “The people below are getting smaller and smaller, they look like ants!” you gave him an uncomfortable smile. “Omo, are you scared? Honestly, I’m abit worried too. Come, you can cuddle next to be so that you’ll feel protected! “

Next, you saw the roller coaster just beside you, you screamed in excitement!

‘’Baby! SEE! Roller coaster! Lets go!’’ you pulled his hands and dragged him over to the Queue. You sensed something wrong when he is not walking; you turned around and guess what you saw?!

Onew: Stand straight, smiling at you. You know I won’t accompany you to sit that thingy. he points towards the roller coaster. It’s too high for me, I can’t take it. I bet I will faint right in front of you. XD Lets go eat chicken! I am so hungry now!

Jonghyun: Squatting down on the floor. Although I might look like a tough guy, but I am actually very timid. You laughed when u heard this XD He smack you on your arms and said, DON’T LAUGH! But you just can’t help it. Hahaha

Key: Dancing to 2ne1- I don’t careeee~ you know I am scared of height! Now u wants me to sit this with you?! What do I gain? Tell me first~ If not I will stand here for the whole day! ;p

Minho: Folded his arms and smirks. Are you sure you wanna sit this with me? Hahaha don’t be the one screaming in fright first XD You rolled your eyes and stick out your tongue. He laughed,’’ You looked like key!’’ haha you both burst into laughter~

Taemin: Noona! Are you trying to bully me now! He pouts and let out a cute expression. XD You hugged him and said,’’pleaseeeee~ just ride with me for once. Just once! I promise.’’ He tickles you,’’ okay just once!’’ haha

After the scary roller coaster ride, you wanted to try the pirate ship! You all searched so long for it and the weather is extremely hot!

‘’The pirate ship!’’ You exclaimed. You guys got onto the ship. The crew helped to put on the seatbelts. You were just waiting for other people to get ready and the ride will start. While waiting~

Onew:  “Yeobo, if you don’t want to ride this, it’s fine with me you know. I bring you to eat more chicken! I just saw a stall selling chicken on the way to this ride you know! If you want to ride, hold on tight to be okay! “

Jonghyun: “After this ride, we should get something more relaxing, don’t you agree? For the time being, let’s hold on tight! We’ll be moving very high! “He will then winks at you and wait for the ride to start.

Key: “yah, this is going to be fun! It’s like a huge swing! if you’re scared again, you can lock arms with the almighty key, its free! “You immediately locked arms with him.” yah, you seriously need to stop being to afraid of so many things okay! “Key and Lockets

Minho:  “If your CHOI MINHO’s gf, I’m quite sure you aren’t scared of this ride right? Kids ride these kinds of rides! I’m quite sure you aren’t like taemin right? He gets seasick! “He will then give you a comforting pat on the shoulder.

Taemin: ” Ahh, baby, hold on to my hand, i’m abit worried i might get seasick you know! i had a boatride with the hyungs before and I couldn’t really take it!“ Before you can even react, he will take your hand and hold on to it tightly.

After a long day, you all finally decided to go home!

‘’Hope you enjoyed yourself today with me baby!’’ he hugs you and kisses you on your forehead. I hope we can enjoy every moment together as long as we can. You know I really love you a lot right? I will spend as much time with you as possible if I can. I believe our love will last. (:

You blushed and lowered your head down.  You whispered,’’ Yes I am sure it will.’’

Creadits : SHINeeShawolsSG