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[PHOTO]SHINee at MBC Idol Athletics Championship New Year Special

25 Jan

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Funny & Cute Onew at Idol Athletics

27 Oct

Yoogeun & appa

29 Sep

Go Key !!! <3 [CLOSE-UP]

29 Sep

Minho strength fails shinyoung ?

29 Sep

Minho has the height and the muscles , but apparently not the strength to carry Kim ShinYoung. This weekend’s broadcast of MBC Chuseok special Idol star Athletics Championship showed your favorite idols running races and jumping hurdles among other games. Gag comedian ShinYoung was part of the women’s 100M race, and she was doing just fine until she tumbled face down onto the ground. Her idol friends surrounded her immediately, coming to her aid. Minho tried to offer his lifting services by hoisting the comedian on his back , only for his knees to buckle at the effort . Good thing Super Junior’s Shindong was there to do the task. Catch ShinYoung’s spectacular fall in 0:52 seconds of the clip below, and then on to 2:00 where Minho’s muscles fail him and Shindong saves the day. Hold on tight, ShinYoung!

Idol star athletics [full-ep]

27 Sep

part 1

part 2

part 3

part 4

part 5

100925 Idol Athletics 2010 | Leeteuk CHEATS AT RACE! – 100m Hurdle Men (GOT SUSPENDED) lol

26 Sep