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Minho Natural Born Good Guy <3

11 Jan

[PHOTO]SHINee Music Core Recording

24 Dec

SHINee Lucifer at Music Core 23122010

24 Dec

[FAN-ACC]SHINee Pre-Recording for Music Core

23 Dec

Jonghyun didn’t dance and was standing on the platform.

The audience were really close to the stage, so fans had a conversation with Jonghyun before their performance.

After performing twice, SHINee stepped down from the stage. When the fan thought it’s finished, they came back on the stage.

When Onew sat on the platform, Key came and sat on Onew’s knee, then Minho on Key’s knee, then Taemin on Minho’s knee And they danced to the “Big Worm” dance part in that state

[GIF] Music Core Onew Minho

21 Dec

Onew Minho Music Core Cut

21 Dec

Jonghyun Dry rehearsal at Music Core 10122010

14 Dec