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Yoogeun at Appa’s concert <3

4 Jan


Yoogeun The Bori photos

3 Dec

Yoogeun funny face <3

3 Dec

New style for baby yoogeun ?

30 Nov

Onew Makes mistake at Music Core

21 Nov

Onew is recently receiving a little bit of disappointment from fans because of his inexperienced MC skills.

On the 20th, this idol hosted MBC’s Music Core as an MC along with Minho, T-ara’s Jiyeon and miss A’s Suzy. Up until recently, Onew received a lot of love from the audience as a commendable MC with his unique expressions and charms. However, last week the idol showed some nervousness in his script reading and had a few mistakes. Although fans hoped to see Onew recover this week, he showed even more problems as an MC this week.

Towards the end of Music Core, Onew made a mistake by asking, “Who is the last stage?” when the ending stage was already introduced as SNSD a few seconds earlier. The other MCs including Minho, Suzy and Jiyeon looked straight at Onew with blank expressions. Onew who realized his mistake said quickly, “It’s SNSD…” in an attempt to get rid of the awkward atmosphere. Furthermore, Onew’s nervousness showed throughout the show as he dropped his script by accident and concluded the show while staring down at his foot where the script had dropped, causing fans to feel sympathetic towards the singer.

Meanwhile, today’s Music Core participants include comeback specials by B2ST, Kara and Orange Caramel, along with other performances by SNSD, 2NE1, 2AM and others.

Is our baby Yoogeun is studying / playing ^^

16 Nov

Yoogeun update [PHOTO]

10 Nov