Onew Sangtae again (?)

25 Jan

This past weekend, the “Idol Star Athletics Championship” occurred and SHINee went head to head with popular artists such as 2PM, 2AM, Seungri, B2ST, IU, miss A, Rainbow, SECRET, SISTAR, MBLAQ, ZE:A, Supernova, T-ara, Davichi, After School, INFINITE, Touch, Dal Shabet, U-KISS, Kim Dong Wan, Chae Yeon, and others.

Minho showed off his athleticism during the competitions. However, Onew was held back by his unfortunate condition and suffered a serious fall during the games, specifically the 50m halt. The moment caused Onew to be carried away in a stretcher.

Hopefully, this is another one of his clumsy moments where he bounces back with no problem.

Sadly, this was not the only time Onew fell that day; he also tripped while running to Luna. Check out the fancam from the games capturing the priceless moment.


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