SHINee is Test Worthy ?

20 Jan

SHINee was made the “talk of the town” when they appeared as the subject of an made-up midterm exam.

The wall post titled “SHINee Midterm Exam” on an online celebrity message board has recently caught everyone’s attention. The wall post contained an exam consisting of questions made from the members’ profiles or lyrics applying to categories of language, mathematics and English. For example, taking the lyrics from Noona is So Pretty (누나 너무 예뻐), were actual questions like ‘From the explanations of the English literary expressions, choose all of the portions that are incorrect?,’ ‘Of these explanations, which ones do not apply?’ in the form of real questions from an actual midterm exam. It even had a high difficulty level of a real exam, which definitely caught everyone’s attention.

Netizens who learned of the questions stated ‘If you’re not a hardcore SHINee fan, it’ll be hard to answer,’ ‘It’s difficult to score first (Korean exams are graded by rank) nationwide,’ showing a hot interest for the faux exam.

Meanwhile, SHINee who recently had their first exclusive concert since their debut which ended successfully, will participate in the ‘SM Town Live’ performance at Tokyo’s Yoyogi National Gymnasium on the 25th and 26th.


source: Sports Chosun (스포츠조선)

Credits to Owner


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