[SHINeeSTORY] Him or Him [END]

20 Dec

For you…U are now alone with Nickhun…. U looked at him straight into his eyes.

“Thanks so much for doing all this for me.Im sure u are happy after u manage to wreck my relationship with him.Why must u disturb my life??? After 8 years and u just come back in my life and snatched me from my BF’s arms?? What the shit is this? Do u know how much ups and downs i went through with him?? DO u know how deep his love is for me? Do u????”

U slapped his face.That leave him shocked and stunned. He cut through your eyes and that stare brings shivers through your spine.

“Promise.U promised me last 8 years. U promised that Once i managed to be one of the well known people in this world,U will marry me…And now i am…And,u promised infront of the religious book remember?”

U suddenly loss all hopes. Yes.Thats true. A promise being witnessed by a religious book cant be turned over. U let out a small sigh….Images of your EX SHINee BF came flashing through….U wonder what he is doing now…..

“18-11-2010.Its in two days time.Shall we get married on that day?” Nickhun forcefully grab you into his hug and u reluntantly hug him back…………

Suddenly u remembered a moment that u once had with your SHINee BF when u guys were watching a toddler playing at the park….And..eventually the conversation on marriage comes in..

Onew: “I promise..When i haf enough money,I will run to your house quickly and tell your parents that i will be their son-in-law.And…We shall have more junior ONEW coming along after ten months of marriage!”

Jong: “Look at that toddler.isnt she adorable baby? See,Her dimples.its just like yours.When she smile,When she laugh,its like the whole world is hers.” (He turned and looked at u that day) “Promise me that u will be the one that gonna bear my child baby.Promise me that we gonna stay together and see our grandchild grow up”

Key: “Just imagine ehh yeobo.U,walking down the aisle,U wearing a white gown with beautiful crown on your long hair,walking towards me with the widest smile ever..And carefully climbed up the stairs and go into my arms till the day we eventually grow old and pass away….I cant wait to spend my another half life with u baby…”

Minho: “baby..” (he looked at u..And smiled) “If we get married one day.I wana go to paris for honeymoon u know. Then after that,i wana go Vernice.And move up to HongKong.U know why Hongkong out of other countries? Cause i know u love seeing Disney cartoon characters and they are all there waiting for u….Let me be the first one ever to bring u there dear And let me have the chance to catch how shiny your eyes will shine when u see them..”

Taemin: “Noona…I may sound ridiculous..But,Can u pls listen to this weird request of mine? Pls Noona…” (He smiled and hold onto your hand tighly.He took a deep breath and finally whisper to u) “Pls dont say YES to other man except me noona…”

Nickhun saw u having your sweet time dreaming away.He slide his hand towards your waist and bring u away from there.He send you home and he said “Hey.Think thoroughly ok.18-11-2010.Its a nice date. We shall just have a simple marriage in the church. And,U will wear your fantasy gown that u drew a few years back.I still have it saved in my lappy. And,do u still want to play the “HeartBeat” song when u walked down the aisle? And,do u still want me to knee down and ask for your hand infront of everyone on the 18th?”….Listening to that,You began crying. U closed the door straigth on his face.

“He still remember every single details.Although it has already been more than 7 years ago!!!” U said in your heart. U lay down on the sofa and switch on the TV.And, God is really testing you that moment. its your SHINee BF LIVE on tv.

Being interviewed by KBSW.The question was “What will u do if the woman that u love leaves u?”

Onew: (Onew stare straight twrds the TV screen and as though looking at u,He honestly answer) “I will let her go. If she find her true happiness in another man,means i have already find mine happyness too as her happyness is my happyness too.Thank u”

Jong: (He took the mic from taeminnie and pass it to minho instead) “Can i choose not to answer this question?” (He smiled at the reporter and not wanting to force him,the reporter move on to minho..)

Key: “If the woman that i love leave me,Then i will find a new one.” (All went shocked upon listening to KEY’s answer! They all know that this is not the KEY that they know.Key is someone that wont ever Say that kinda thing! Key smiled and winked at the TV screen)

Minho: “If she leave me, I will leave the world” (All again went shocked upon hearing that from minho) “CAuse for me,When im in love,i give it my all.She’s my life.Once she’s gone,my life’s better off be gone too…”

Taemin: “If she leave me…My soul will die..And defintely,i will disappear from the music world for sumtimes to recover myself”

You stare at the Tv screen for so long till the moment they finished performing LUCIFER live. Its already 1oPM. “Shall i call him for awhile and confess that i love him still?And tell him about the promise that i make to Nickhun a few years back? Shall i….Or i shall not? Oh god…Pls open up my heart and give me guidance….” U close your eyes and eventually u opened it back and reached up for your Hp and dial the contact “My One and only babyy…”

Ring ring Ring… YOur EX SHINee BF saw that u are the one calling… He suddenly had an idea in mind.An evil idea that will make u totally hate him after it!!!he pretended…..

Onew: “Yah baby…UPls dont tickle me so hard…Awww awww..It hurt…u are so naughty uh tonight…..Eh wait wait..Soemone’s calling me….Its my EX GF…” (Onew was really acting as though he is with another girl..but actually hes alone..)

Jong: “How can your hair be so soft ahhh?U should have enrol yourself in an advertising agent.U wil surely succeed. Look at your long legs. Look at your flawless skin.Ive never seen anyone as attractive as u.” (He was waiting for u to say hello but u were actually grabbing the cushion below your hand,to prevent your tears from being heard at the other line)

Key: “I wasted one year of my life on that girl.Do u know that?if ive met u earlier than her…Im sure u wont be leaving me for another man….many girls have been wanting me but due to that stupid girl,i rejected all down…Ah now shes gone..And u baby….Ur next..”

Minho: “Ive never say this three words to other woman except for my EX GF,.But,u totally blew my mind off sweety. And,Trust me,I love u.”

Taemin: “Ah noona….Dont look at me like that can? U are making me blush non stop. Come whisper to me..WHAT? U wana dance with me?Sure!Why not?im s single man now!”

You threw your HP to one side and cried your lungs out.DAMN. Hes now not yours anymore.U slapped yourself and went up to your bedroom and forced yourself to sleep. U received a TEXT Suddenly. Hoping that it was your EX Msg, u quickly open it and read but….

Nickhun: Hey.I told my mom that i finally met u and that we will be getting married the next two days.And guess what,I can finally see her tears rolling down her cheeck after being unresponsive after a few months back. thanks baby for everything.

U re-read the TEXT message again and u replied…After TEN MINUTES of endless thinking….

You: Nickhun baby, I know of a nice studio that produce beautiful wedding studio photo.Shall we go there tmrw? Ah, why not u come down to my house for lunch and we shall go out after that……


17.11.2010. Its only a day away from your wedding and like waht he promise.The wedding is a very simple one as no paparazzi knows about it..

U chose a very white gown accompanied by a tiara on your head. you opened the curtain to let Nickhun sees it.But unfortunately hes not around. U bend down on your knee as your bead suddenly fall of. After u manage to retrieve it back, U stood up and BAAAMMM.U knocked on someone and eventually fell into his arm..

His arm.It feel so familiar.U looked up and was greeted by him.

Onew: “Oh now u are a model here?Why not u just cuddle in your Nickhun’s arm?yalahh..its been 10 years since u hugged him right?Dont waste time.Go and hug him..” (Onew give an irritating smirk and leave u behind.GOD KNOWS what he was actually thinking of..) “She looked so heavenly in that wedding dresss….Oh Goddd//”

Jong: (He clear his throat and stand awayf frm u) “Why must u always be everywhere??Stop stalking me like how fans always do to me! Trust me,Nickhun.He is much much hotter than me.Dont Waste your time on me anymore…”

Key: “Awww….U look so ugly in that wedding dress..” (Key make a EEEWW face and walk away.When he turned his back,His eyes start tearing and he whsiper to himself ‘That wedding dress….I ever dreamt of u wearing that in my dream before when we are vowing…..’

Minho: (He touched your cheeck and smile) “U must be happy now right?U seem to out on weight already although we have yet to be separated for 24 hours.U really love him so much is it?yah,i know..” (Minho smiled and walked away)

Taemin: “Noona….” (he glanced at u from the top to bottom) “U looked gorgeous in that.But our dream of wearing it togther has shattered…” (He winked at u and walked awae..)

U dropped on the floor and continue beating the your own lap. “Dont u know that im getting married tomorrow my dear?????…..”


18.11.2010. 8AM.

Hey.Wake up…..” manager hyung shook your EX SHINee BF up. he threw the newspaper on his body. “Read it.NOW.”

YOUR EX SHINee BF sit up and read the HEADLINE…





His reaction..

Onew: “HOW COULD THEY SAY THIS ABOUT MY GF  HYUNG????SHES NOT THAT KIND OF GIRL!!!!!” (Onew yelled at the top of his lung….And suddeenly he stood up) “Theres now way shes getting married today…I promise no wedding will take place today.I will make sure her reputation will be well taken care off…..”

Jong: (He read the article over and over again till the word MARRIAGE strike him..) “She’s getting married to Nickhun. ANd now people is thinking that my Dear is a playgirl.Hyung ahh.Shes not a playgirl.She’s the sweetest girl that i ever know!Hyung..Pls….I need to grab her back….”

Key: “And nickhun did not do anything upon seeing this????COme on lahh,His WIfe is being acused of BEing a playgirl… IF she’s mine ah hyung,i would have gone to this factory and burn it alive! Eh.Wait a moment. She’s not legally his wife yet right?Its not 2Pm yet….RIGHT????”

Minho: (Minho throw the paper to one side and walked to his warddrobe and take his jacket out) “Hyung,She might not be mine at 2PM.But i will make sure i will make her reputation clears up…SHe’s not that kind of girl hyung.Shes not!”

Taemin: “Hyung….Thanks for waking me up…I just realised something.She is still the only one in my heart.How much i tried being a total jerk to her yest, She still have that special portion in my heart..”

YOur EX SHINee BF went out from the dorm and took a taxi.YOur EX keep calling around to try and find out where exactly the wedding might be..And when suddenly, He saw you across the road. U were walking alone towwards the CAFE to grab your breakfast before actually heading of to Nickhun’s place. Your EX asked the taxi to stop and he went out from the car….

Without looking left and right,He dashed across the road…And,There,A big bus dashed across him and he was thrown off 1 meter away. Everyone was so shocked to see the victim. U yourself was curious tooo…U walked towards the pool of people when sudenly a call came in..

Nickhun:Hey baby…Where are u dear?its already late.Are u already on the way?

U stopped walking halfway and turned back.

You: Aww sorry sorry.Im going there now. see u soon!

And u did not see your EX laying in a pool of blood.


18.11.2010 1.30PM.

Dressed up completely. You are now waiiting in the room alone. Ur hand were sweaty as ur too nervous.

U remmebered about the accident earlier on.Hoping that the victim is fine.

You switched on the TV and there was a URGENT NEWS.

SHINee’s _________ is now in a COMATOSED state after being involved in an accident earlier on this morning at 9AM just outside the SM building.Doctor is now predicting that he has very minimal chance of surviving.. Pls lets all get together and pray the best for him.May God protect this lovely singer.

Your tears went down non stop.You quickly open the door and was greeted by NICKHUN.

“Pls Nickhun..let me see him..Pls..Pls..Pls…He needs me…He needs me badly…PLS…This is my only wish.Pls grant it for me before i officially become yours….PLS…” U fall down on your knee and kissed his feet.

He moved a step back and pull u up.and say “GO.”


18.11.2010. 1.50Pm.

You dashed into his room. He is now relying on the ventilator to breath.. His face is full of bloodclot.

You went and sit next to him and hold his hand.. His pulse rate suddenly shot up and he throw a fit.

The doctor came in and push u out. They cover the curtain.

Nickhun: Hey.. Take this.. (he take your hand and place two rings on it) This ring is meant for u and him…Not for me and u… Go.Go and spent the entire life with him baby…Hes your true love…Go…I was wrong…I was too selfish.. I was your past..And he is your future..Go… (He wiped his tears and smiled at u) If he bully u one dae. report to me ok! HAHA

Upon hearing that,u hugged him so long and finally loosen it and stare at him..

You: thanks so much bro…MAy god bless u… (U turned and face the curtain.WHAT is the doctors doing inside for so long????)


18.11.2010. 3PM. U fall asleep waiting for the doctors to come out from the room.And finally they did and they let u inside the room. They have already remove the ventilators from him//

You ran to him and sit next to him.he is still closing his eyes.

Doctor: SAy your last few words my child to him. He wont last long.


SHINee’s BF thinking in his comatosed state.

Onew: ‘God,Pls do not take my life now.At least give me five minutes more.Give me the strength to open my eyes and see the woman that i love infront of me….Pls God…’

Jong: ‘Baby,U r finally here but im so sorry.I cant be able to hug u anymore after this…I will be out here from thsi world soon….baby…Can u listen to me?CAn u come closer?I wana kiss you for the last time..Pls….”

Key: ‘Dear.Just  to let u know.Your love for me is enough to last me through my afterlife there. I will be watching over u from above and be your guardian angle…Take care sweety….’

Minho: ‘Pls dont cry baby..Pls.I wont be able to die in peace looking at the tears rolling down your cheeck…Look.look there.U see? Im seeing the stars nearing me..Do u see that?Its shining so brightly….Cant u see? Or am i the only one thats able to see it?’

Taemin: ‘Noona…Noona…Why cant i touch u?Why cant i listen to my own voice?Why am i only hearing your Crying and not your laughter?Arent u happy to see me finally here?Noona,dont cry…”


18.11.2010 5PM. And slowly….The doctor cover your SHINee BF face with a white sheet of blanket…

You fall on the floor and cry as loud as u can till a strong arm bring u out from the room.

It was the manager hyung’s arm.U leaned on to him as he stroke your hair and pacify u to calm down.

Manager: Dear<he may have left us.But he will still be fresh in our mind.Ive actually had a VIDEO of him for u.ESp for u.Keep it and play it whenever u miss him….


After a year,While u were sitting next to his grave,u replay the vid that manager hyung gave it to u last year… U smiled and looked at the sun….Hearing the voice from the recorder,the memories of your SHINee BF and u flashed back..

“Hey…Thats my ice cream!U arent taking it all away!!!”

“No.I love u more than the mountain,Eh,than the sky…”

“U realy look like a FATTY 9 baby!”

“See….U mess it up.So u clean it..”

“COme..Let me hug u before we bid goodbye..”

and lastly….

“BAby….Remember,If one day,I happen to leave this world before u, DOnt forgett to visit my grave yearly on our anniversary day and place my fave flower on it…At least i know that u are still in love with me.In love with my soul.Ah baby.I love u.”

AND,u stood up leaving him behind alone.

Yes.He is the cause of your tears.

Yes.he is.

Cause he love u too much till he sacrifise his life for u…


credits : To the Author


2 Responses to “[SHINeeSTORY] Him or Him [END]”

  1. Hikmah December 20, 2010 at 2:41 am #

    wow.what a really touching story. I wish that my shinee bf wouldn’t have died and that i’ll be able to say sorry.

  2. Nikki December 20, 2010 at 5:50 pm #

    Aww, I read this out loud when I was reading it and I nearly cried! :’)

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