[SHINeeSTORY] Him or Him ? #1

20 Dec

It was the usual morning for u. Wake up at 8AM,bath, prepare yourself for a new day at work. U looked in the mirror and smile to yourself. Suddenly,your eyes strike a picture on your dressing table.

Its your SHINee BF and u together in that pic. It was dated 18-11-2009. Exactly a year ago during your first DATE with him. U took it in your hand and touched his face. Suddenly,The photoframe dropped and the glass break into pieces on the table. U shook your head and carefully picked up the glass fragments.

“When a glass break,its usually a bad omen” u remebered your mom always told u that!

Suddenly your SHINee’s Bf voice played in your memory..U ever broke glass before infront of him…..

Onew: (He hold on your hand when it happened a few months back and kisses your bleeding hand) “Remember,The next time,When your hand gets cut or get hurt, my kisses will always be the cure to it….”

Jong: (He gently move your hand away from the broken glass and looked at u) “I will clear it for u..My heart cant bear to see a single blood shedding from your body.Always remember that”

Key: “YAH!Seee….What happpen?U dropped a glass! AIshhhh….” (Key took a broom and sweep the florr himself.You are still standing at your same spot.Key stoppped sweeping and looked at u) “My dear princess,Would u like me to carry u to the living room?or would u want to at least move back 5 steps so that i can sweep everything clean?” (u laughed and key put his hand on his waist!HAHA)

Minho: (He squat down on the flooor and picked up every single glass fragment with his bare hand.There was one glass that penetrate through his forefinger and it bleeed profusely.U walked towards him,but he stopped u..) “No,dont get anywhere near here. Id rather cut myself rather than see you cry tolerating the pain when a glass cut u..I will be fine baby….Dont worry ok!”

Taemin: (He carrry u out from the kitchen in a bridal style and sit u comfortably on the sofa) “Noona, u wait for me here ok,I will be back soon.I will clear the mess for u.”

U shook your head and continue picking up the glass fragments slowly. Its been a week since THE LUCIFER album has been out.. And, the last time,SHINee BF called u was 1 and a half week ago. And the last SMS he send was 4 days ago….

Onew: ‘Hey my dear sweetypie..Its been so long since i last see u.Life has been tiring. Its been shows,concerts,shows,concerts since the day THE LUCIFER was released. I hope ur doing fine there also. Dont sleep with your mouth open ok,i wont be there to close it for u when u take the public transport.Ok baby. I love u. And i miss u. Pst: Listen to YOUR NAME.Its for u’

Jong: ‘Why have u been stalking me always GF? When i sing Obsession, Your face went across my mind. When i sing on stage, I always see your face among the crowd,Which i know its sure isnt u as u hate to go for concerts. When i look at text messages that i received, I always wanna see “My one and only GF” as the sender of the msg,but its always not u. When i almost wana fall asleep for atleast two hours, you voice came tickling through my ear canal and then,i wil stay awake till the next day….I miss u alot.really…”

Key: ‘Ah,Princess! See see seee…..I can see you smiling from here…Awww,,Stop crying now..Stop.stop.Ok.Good.Ah,now,dont beat your HP wallpaper..HAHA! Come,sit down. And read this carefully ok… i’ve inserted 1000 pictures of your solo pics into my HP but still, It cant replace the real u. Ive inserted tons of your videos into my PSP,but still i wana see you laugh infront of me. Ive always replay your voice into my ears whenever i wana fall asleep.but instead of putting me to sleep, Your voice bring tears in my eyes…I hope ur still wearing the locket that i bought for u….’

MInho: ‘This one week of my life,it was the torturous day of my life.The Lucifer promotion kept me busy but when i finally get to be alone at the end of the day,the thing that kept me from giving up…. It wasnt your photo,it wasnt your recorded voice or neither was it your videos in my hp… Its the presence of your love that i always feel in my heart.And that no thief can take it away from me.’

Taemin: ‘Noona…I’m not good at words…But,i really want u to think and answer this for me… Why do my tears roll down whenever i see the ring that i wear on my ring finger? The ring that u slipped onto my finger when we finally be one ?Is it because i miss u too much? Or is it because i love u too much?’

Your tears went rolling down.U have not been texting him too as u just dont want to disturb him. u told yourself ‘AHHH..Enough of thinking about him.He is big enough to take care of himself’..

U walked to the living room and read the newspaper.

HEADLINE OF THE ENTERTAINMENT SECTION: SHINee’s ___(Insert your BF’s name)_________ was found to be going out with SNSD’s ******. yest after the SM TOWN CONCERT. Fans are able to proove this to be true.Look at the pictures below…

Your eyes focused on the pictures thats infront of u. SHINee BF was totally hugging the SNSD member so tightly! But it looked photoshopped too! haix…Dunu whether its true or not!! U threw the paper on the table and open the door. And was greeted by your sweetest SHINee BF ever!

Onew: (HE smiled at u and showed two thumbs up sign) “U goin for work? Come let me send u today.” (He pulled your hand towrds him but u refused to move)

Jong: “U looked so gorgeous today.” (Jong open up his arms wide for u to dive into his chest,but u just carried on walking and ignoring him)

Key: “Hey ya princess! The almighty Key is here,at 8AM,just to see his princess of his heart before he start his day doing shows again.TADAAAAAA!” (He grabbed something from his pocket and put it in your palm.Its a cute little pink KEY ring.) “I saw this when i was at a recording station.The shop there sell rings and i saw this…i suddenly remember u….Why u din seem happy?”

Minho: (He was standing so straigth and when he sees u,he still never move and he still never utter any word…Till the moment u brave yourself and brushed pass him,he quickly grabbed your hand and your eyes melt in each other) “Pls give me another a few more minutes.just spare me a few more minutes to see your face GF…” (Minho let go of your hand and pleaded with u)

Taemin: (he will smiled at u cheerfully!) “Im so glad i nvr miss u!” (He run up to u and hugged u as though u re his teddy bear….He stroke your hair and whisper at your ears “U feel so diffrent today.”

You continue walking to your desired bustop and ignore him totally.You joined the queue and your SHINee BF went behind u and joined the queue along. He tried to get cheecky and move his head nearer and rest it on your shoulder. And he whisper..

Onew: “Dont u miss me like how i went crazy missing u?” (his hand glided toward your waist andtickle your waist)

Jong: “Hey…wat have i done wrong? Come on,Turn and face me….” (jong played with your hair and waited for your response)

Key: “baby,,Dont go work lehh today…Take off k..I wana spend this day with u” (He continue resting his head on your shoulder and pouted his lips) “I actually locked manager hyung door so that he wil get stuck in his room for at least 1 hour more,Just to come here and spent my time with u…”

Minho: “GF ah…..Dont u wana see your Flaming charisma prince? Im right here behind you.Turn ok.” (Minho grabbed your hand but u violently shake it off his hand)

Taemin: (He did not utter a word.he just continue resting on your shoulder and close his eyes)

U actually want to free youself from your SHINee BF at that moment,But actually,on the other hand,U just feel like turning around and hugged him back as u misses him TOO MUCH!

U smiled to yourself and decided to act ‘Angry’ still. the photos that the newspaper printed out might be PHOTOSHOPPED anyways ..Suddenly, someone patted your SHINee BF from the back. He turned and it was 2PM NICKHUN.. U did not turn your head as you are busy looking at the buses that are turning.

“Yo! yest night was superb! U were great man! How do u manage to get to dance with SNSD *****? I tried so many times asking for her to dance with me but she refused me! Oh teach me your secret ahhh…” (NICKHUN nudged your SHINee BF….Your SHINee BF quickly cover his mouth and whisper AT NICKHUN’S s ear..)

Onew: “YAH!MY GF IS INFRONT!! DOnt say about yesterday thing can?She can be a tigress u know!” (Nickhun then smack his own forehead!)

Jong: “U! NExt time if u want to talk,look around u first can?My GF is directly infront of me. She’s in a bad mood today for unknown reason.U want me to die faster is it??”

Key:”Ah u wanna know the secret ehh? I will tell u if i still live longer after this ok! My GF will chop my head after this. So,pray for my best of luck ok!”

Minho: “Hyung ahhhh…Now is not the appropriate time to talk about yest.My GF is here.And she’s refusing to talk to me….”

Taemin: “Hyung ahhh…hush hush..My Noona can hear whatever that u just say.And she will surely refuse to talk to me after this!i will text u later can??”

Nickhun looked over your SHINee BF’s shoulder to glance at u. “Yo bro! Introduce me to her ahh..I wana seee my sis-in-law!” Your SHINee BF grabbed your hand and turned u over to face Nickhun… U lay your eyes on the guy infront of u.Nickhun stare straight at your face. And the both of of u stared at each other for so long.

There was a few seconds of silence.Nickhun studied your face for the entire minute without blinking his eyes…….

“He finally is here infront of me again” This ran through your mind the moment u saw him!

“Finally, we met again.God knows how tough it was for me to search for u!! Shoot. I’ve went to all the places that u always love to go to during thsoe days! Just to find u! 5 YEARS dammit! Wheres all the promises that u once promised me??” Nickhun suddenly shouted at u. You looked down. Your tears came rolling and it moisten your SHINee BF’s hand.

Onew: (Onew tugged Nickhun’s Collar and bring him to a corner) “Eh.wat on earth did u just say just now???TELL ME.WHAT EXACTLY HAPPEN BTW U AND HER??”

Jong: (He let go of his hand and let your hand fall weakly to your side.He stare straight into nickhun’s eyes and push him out from the queue) “Either u tell me the whole story or i will land my punch on your beautiful face!”

Key: (He turned and looked at u.but u are still looking down) “I think the two of u,u guys have a lot to fill me up right? Shall we go and have a small,serious, talk now?” (Key pulled your hand and forced u to follow him) “Nickhun, hurry up!”

Minho: “Baby…Do u know Nickhun?” (He tipped up your chin and slowly ask u…)

Taemin: “Ah hyung ahh…I think u get it confuse..She’s My GF,and i dun think she knows u…Rigth baby?” (Taemin looked at u but u just refused to look into his eyes..)

Nickhun ,U,SHINee BF finally get to the nearest park and there u are, sandwhiched btw the two man that was your past and your future. Your SHINee BF looked at your face that has been crying since just now. On the other hand,Nickhun took out a photo from his pocket and put it infront of your SHINee BF.

He took it and his heart….If there’s an ant walking around there,they will surely hear his heart smashed. Its a photo of u and Nickhun with his hand around your waist. Dated: 18/11/2001.

And, written behind it was “This date.When Our love unite.Pls.Wrap your arms around me till the day i die,Nickhun”

Thoughts that run across your SHINee BF’s mind…

Onew: ‘She has not been mine all along.’ (Looking at the photo again and again…) ‘The same exact date that we become couple.18-11-2009.’

Jong: ‘Dear God,Pls..tell me.this is only a dream. I cant bear this. I really cant. (He place the photo down on the table and he shoved his hair back while covering his forehead!)

Key: ‘No wonder baby.U took so long to agree being my GF. How i never give up asking for u to be my GF everyday. And u finally accept me on the 18/11/2009 last year without any apparent reason. Now i know why. I really know why.Its tthe same date where u and him started the romantic love process right!’

Minho: ‘No wonder…No wonder everytime she sees 2Pm on tv, she will change it fast. And how she always refuse to meet up at 2PM always. thats how deep her love for him is.’

Taemin: ‘Noona, I tot im your first love. Cause u are mine first love…’

Nickhun then clear his throat and break the coldness that surround them.

“I shall give u a brief on what excatly happen a few years back. We became a couple since 18-11-2001.And After i auditioned for 2PM,suddenly i spend less time with her… And,manager hyung refuse to let me connect with the outside world for a few months. And, She went missing hence after. I searched for her Up and down,High and low..But to no avail. After 2PM finally succeeded as what we are now, I began searching for her back. But, still cant find her…And, Here she is Now… but she’s now yours…..”

You finally looked up and looked at your SHINee BF reaction.

Onew: “No no…..She’s been yours all along…I’m sorry hyung..I really din know that she’s used to be your girl.Im really am sorry.” (Onew took out his ring from his finger and placed it on the table) “I shall return her back to u….”

Jong: “Nickhun hyung ahh….Pls take good care of her for me after this yeah…She has been my life since the day i saw her.But i know,Rightfully she’s yours.I shall learn to lead this life again alone…”

Key: “This is completely shocking to me….It really is..” (Key looked at u and stare at u while he talked) “U should haf told me this earlier.Now,Ive already encraved your name in my heart.how do u expect me to remove it awae??”

Minho: “nah hyung.U do not haf to explain further.I completely understand….Once again, Im happy that u finally meet her back.And i will always pray for the two of u to be happy at all times…..”

Taemin: “Noona,Thanks for lying to me all this while.I truely appreciate it…” (Taemin looked at Nickhun hyung and smile) “Ok Hyung.I got to go now.See u around soon.” (Before he stand up,he remove his ring and throw it to the dustbin next to them.Your eyes widened upon seeing this)

Your SHINee BF stood up and walk away. You followed him and garbbed his hand forcefully.

“U are such a coward!Dont u know that???Do u know how much i wanted to tell u not to let me go?? Do you know how much i wanted to hug u just now when u lay your head on my shoulder?? Do you know how much i wanted u to kiss me when u finally see me at my house just now?? DO u know how much my jealousy shot up when i saw the pics of u and SNSD at the papers just now?? Do u know how much i just wanted to stay in your hugs?? Do you know that…I love u more than everything in this life….?”

He did not looked at your eyes at all. He violently removed his hand from your grab.

Onew: “Im sorry bb….U are not mine anymore…”

Jong: “Aish….Save your romantic words for him later ok…”

Key: “Sorry. Look like you are not the real KEY to my heart”

Minho: “Looking at u and him just now,U two looked very compatible.Take good care of yourself bb….”

Taemin: “I love u noona.But he loves u more…I can see that he loves u more than how i love u noona”

He smiled at u and waved goodbye.He finally turned and walked back to his dorm. All his other SHINee member is now practising Singing in their practising room…Your EX-SHINee BF lay himself on his bed and closes his eyes..But he opened it back… Your image keep floating in his mind…. He stood up and glance through his room…. Most of his things reminded him of u! The perfume that he uses..The shirt that his wearing.The Watch that’s ticking. The hand lotion. The shaver. The photoframe…… He walked over to it and looked at it….

Onew: “I wonder what exactly u and Nickhun is doing now baby…” (Onew suddenly feel his cheecks getting wet and the frame was filled with his tears) “Why must our relationship end this way?”

Jong: “This used to be our fav photo together.The first pic that we took after we officially become a couple on 18-11-2009….And,it gonna turned ONE YEAR SOON..but,too bad… There wont be anymore of such….”

Key: “YAH!Why are u still looking at me??Go and look at Nickhun!” (Key smashed the pic on his bed and cover his face.) “DAMN! Why must everything turn out as such!?! When i tot this would be my only girl in my life….Things sure to turn to the wrong way when we have perfectly plan it…”

Minho: “Take good care of yourself bb…..I will always have u in my heart forever….I will look after u from far,Let him take care of u as near as u could aloow him too baby….”

Taemin: “I really wana throw thsi picture frame away…But….” (He hugged the picture frame as tightly as he could..) “But..but….This is the first ever photo of u and me baby….”

For you…U are now alone with Nickhun…. U looked at him straight into his eyes.

“Thanks so much for doing all this for me.Im sure u are happy after u manage to wreck my relationship with him.Why must u disturb my life??? After 8 years and u just come back in my life and snatched me from my BF’s arms?? What the shit is this? Do u know how much ups and downs i went through with him?? DO u know how deep his love is for me? Do u????”

U slapped his face.That leave him shocked and stunned. He cut through your eyes and that stare brings shivers through your spine.

“Promise.U promised me last 8 years. U promised that Once i managed to be one of the well known people in this world,U will marry me…And now i am…And,u promised infront of the religious book remember?”

U suddenly loss all hopes. Yes.Thats true. A promise being witnessed by a religious book cant be turned over. U let out a small sigh….Images of your EX SHINee BF came flashing through….U wonder what he is doing now…..

“18-11-2010.Its in two days time.Shall we get married on that day?” Nickhun forcefully grab you into his hug and u reluntantly hug him back…………


Credits : To the author


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  1. Hikmah December 20, 2010 at 2:16 am #

    i think this is the best one out of all the shinee stories. Especially when nichkuns’ involve

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