[SHINeeSTORY] When it comes to love …#4 [END]

13 Dec

After 15minutes,theres still no answer from u.SHINee BF find something amiss..

But he still carry on with his schedule…

Until a call make him totally lost.

He answered the Phonecall.Its your mom.

Your Mom: “Hey Son-to-be!So sorry if im disturbing your date with my daughter.But can u pls ask her whether would she like to have Pizza for dinner later? Cause aunty tried calling her HP but there wasnt any anwer.Thx Son-to-be!”

not wanting to let yr mom worried,He simply answer YES on your behalf on hang down the call.

Manager Hyung knew something was amiss.

Manager: “Ah,I think u wont be able to concentrate if ur here in Jeju.Ive booked a flight for all of us in thirty minutes.The next performance will be ours and we will dash back to Seoul After this.

SHINee BF thanked manager for being so understanding…

Once their performances ended,they rushed of to the airport. SHINee BF went into your facebook account and saw everything.

The TAGGED PHOTO,The warnings that an unknown person had given u.

He knew who this person is.. Its the Girl that he rejected a few days ago.

The girl that almost break your relationship with SHINee BF!

Once he touched his feet on Seoul land,SHINee BF took a cab and headed over to the girl’s secret hangout place!

She used to bring him there as noone know the place.

He slowly creeped himself near to the back door.

And true,He heard your voice.

YOU: “Pls Dont hurt My yeobo!Pls hurt me as much as u want..” And there!Another SLAP was given to u.


He still remember one moment when u gets drunk when u had a party.Till the moment u did not even recognise him as your BF! U danced so closely with a Handsome Guy infront of him and shout clearly that


Everyone was staring at SHINee BF. Hie was humiliated publicly!

U put your arms around the handsome guy and SHINee BF just grab your hand away and stared in your eyes.

Onew: (He almost wanted to slap u but he stopped himself) “Hey Bb.Wake up.Im your BF.Is it wrong for your BF to look at his GF dancing so intimately with another guy!Answer me.” (At the point of time,Your mind woke up and u cried.U slapped yourself but Onew hugged u close.He cant stand to see u slapping on your self)

Jong: (He pull u out from the pub and stare in your eyes.U looked into his eyes and suddenly u remember him back.) “How?Is it nice dancing and hugging that guy inside infront of me??Or do u want me to bring u back in and u can continue your intimate moment with him??” (Ur tears dropped.U took his hand in yours and asked him to slap u) “No.I wont ever slap u.Never will i do that.”

Key: (He pushed the guy and that guy fall down to the floor.) “One more time i see u dancing with my girl,I will make sure u wont know how to dance anymore!Do u understand??” (Key pulled u out from the dancing ground and he gave u a cup of plain water) “Nah,Drink this.Clear up your mind.” (At that point of time,U know what excatly happened.U went infront of him and pinched your ears Hard.Key pull your hand away from your ear and smile) “Baby,Dont do that!!Its painful!!”

Minho: (He calmly walked to u.Shake your head gently and stare in your eyes deeply) “U forgotten bout me?Your Flaming Charisma is right here infront of u baby…” (U look into his eyes.Oh,How warmth it is to see his eyes looking into yours!U bite your lips and hug him quickly)

Taemin: (He smiled at u and took your hands in him.He slowly place his arms around your waist and dance with u.The Song was super slow.And there u goes,U remembered his wonderful touch.U stopped dancing and slapped your self infront of him.He suddenly stopped u.) “No.Dont slap yourself.Its like ur slapping me.I cant bear seeing you slapping your ownself”

SHINee BF slowly entered the ‘old barnhouse’ from the back and hid himself behind a huge cupboard. There was a small hole which allow him to see U clearly.

U were being tied up in a chair. That girl was standing right infront of u,with a cane in her hand..

Girl: “So,tell me….Do u love him ALOT? U should know what to answer right?Wrong answer means u will get another taste of this cane at your face.Then,Your pretty face will get spoilt!And he wont love u anymore!QUICK u LITTLE MONSTER!Do u love him alot?”

SHINee BF bite his lips.He whispered to himself.

Onew: ‘Say NO.SAy that u dont love me baby.Pls.SAy NO.’ (Onew closed his eyes and clenched his fist)

Jong: (Jong shake his head) ‘say NO.No.No.Listen to me baby.Pls listen to me.Close your eyes.Pls.Say NO to her’

Key: (he hold onto his KEY pendant that u gave him and kissed it) ‘If u really love me,answer NO to her dear….Pls,say NO to her question….Pls.Pls.’

Minho: (He squat down on the ground and bite his fist…) ‘That girl.I swear im going to make her life miserable if she touch my girl.i swear’

Taemin: (He looked into the hole again and bite his lips.) ‘I wont scold u if u say u dont love me.just say that u dont love me noona…I wont be angry.Say it quick!)

That girl stare at your face,waiting for your answer.You looked straight into her eyes and bravely answered “YES.I LOVE HIM ALOT.ALOT.ALOT.SATISFIED??”

PIANNNGGGGGZZZZZZZ….The cane landed on your face.SHINee Bf’s tears went down his cheecks.

Girl: (She placed the cane away and surprisingly she took out a pistol from her pants) “Ah,too bad.Your SHINee BF is now in jeju.And i can do anything that i want to at u.Your life is in my hand now. (She placed the gun near your cheecks and smile evilly) “Maybe your SHINee BF will come to me once ur dead……So should i kill u??”

SHINee BF know that its the moment to show himself.He stood up and showed himself.The Girl was shocked and pull u up frm the chair and point the gun to your neck.

Onew: (He slowly walked towards the both of u) “Hey take it easy.Im here.Im here for u.Who say i love her?I love u.I have always love u.Im here to take u to the nearby church and we shall get married” (Onew smiled at the girl and uses ‘sweet talks’ to try and get her away from u)

Jong: (He stopped walking and smiled to the girl) “Why didnt u call me since yest?Ive been waiting for your calls.See,Im right here.I want to see u so much.Push that stupid girl away. I want to be with u alone…..Come,Hug me…” (Jong pretended that he love HER,not u just to get the gun away from u!)

Key: (He shook his head and smiled twards the girl) “If u kill that girl,U will be locked up and u cant marry me…Then,we will get old and we wont have any children!Give the gun to me come baby!And i will bring u to the church right away and we shall get married!” (Key make a lame joke to make the girl forget about the gun!)

Minho: (He winked at the girl and gave her his most seductive smile) “I was just from Jeju and i brought for u a very nice dress…But its inside my car.Come,Lets try it baby.leave that girl alone..I just want to be alone with u.Only u.” (He looked straight into the girl’s eyes.Not looking at u at all!)

Taemin: “Ah,U looked so gross when u hold the gun noona.Not the usual Sexy noona when u hold the gun eh.Throw it can?I want to hug u now but im afraid of the gun.Noona,Pls get it away from yourself!)

The girl chuckled to herself.

Girl: “Who do u think i am??A small stupid girl that knows nothing!I know,Your heart beat for her and her heart beat for u!There isnt a single space for me right in your heart??!! So,Now,To be in your heart,I know killing her is the only solution…..Or,Should i kill YOU INSTEAD??SO,Neither me nor her will get u????”

SHe pointed the gun to SHINee BF instead.

ONew: (He smiled) “If that makes u happy,Kill me.Id rather die than seeing my Love died earlier than me. (he looked at u and give u a wink)

Jong: (He open up his jacket and points his finger towards his chest) “Shoot here.In the middle but to the left a bit.My heart is here.”

Key: (He smiled and looked at u.You shake your head.He make a small love and showed to u.) “Shoot me now.Shoot me while im looking at the love of my life…”

Minho: (He looked straight at the girl and chuckled) “I think u never hold a gun before right?There are 6 bullets in there.If the first and second bullet can’t get through me,pass the gun to me and i will kill myself.Ok?”

Taemin: (He fall on his knee and put his hand around his head.He looked at the girl straight and then turned to u…He smiled at u for so long and gave u a flying kiss) “Ok.SHoot me dead now.Im waiting.”

The girl pulled the trigger…..

BOOOOMMMMMMMMMMMMMM….And blood was shattered all over the place..You fall on your knee and looked at the blood that was shattered all over.

The paramedic came.

Paramedic: “Victim has no pulse.Absent.We need to send him to the hospital to confirmed thoroughly whether the victim is really dead or not”

SHINee BF walked towards u and hugged u for the longest time ever..You hugged him back.

He kisses you on your forehead,cheeks.

ONew: “Baby,I love u.I really do….U know that right?” (He looked deeply into your eyes.U burried your head into his chest and u cried as long as u ever had!)

Jong: “Thank god ur still alive.Look.How strong our love is.See how much i love u already…” (Jong kissed ur hand and place it near to his chest) “This heart will always pumped for u.Only for u.”

Key: “Dont say anything.Just hug me.Hug me.” (Key pulled u into his hug and he stroked your hair.He kissed your hair and whisper at u) “I love u as much as i love my own life…”

Minho: (He pull u into his lap and stare into your eyes) “I love u baby.I love u alot.Really a lot..Can u pls say that u love me too now?” (U wiped away your tears and hold his cheeck and whisper in his ears I love You.Minho bite his lips and smiled so widely)

Taemin: (He giggled and smiled so widely at u) “I think noone is looking at us now…Can u kiss me quickly?” (U looked around and as noone is looking,U kissed him on his cheek and whisper to him I LOVE U)

SHINee BF looked at the Body that was being pushed away into the ambulance.His time will come to. To be pushed into the ambulance.

The bullet that was in his left body is now making his body too weak.

Actually,When the girl shot her first bullet,It was exactly the same time where the police came in and shoot directly at her.

U did not noticed that SHINee BF was being shot at SUCCESSFULLY by the girl.U only had your eyes on the Girl that was slowly falling onto the ground.

Now,SHINee BF’s Blood keep oozing out.

You: (u realised that your dress was wet.U laughed at him and tried to make a joke) “Were u too scared till u pass urine in your pants?See,It soaked through my dress now…” (U touched his pants and its Hot. U looked at your hand.And its red) “WHY ARE U BLEEDING????”

U turned to him and SHINee BF’s eyes is already close..

You shouted for the paramedic and they came and resuscitate him immediately.

“Sorry.We cant save him.We are really sorry my dear..”


You stare at your HP Wallpaper..

Its the last pict that u took with him last week..

Before taking the pict,u asked him “What will u do for me to show that u really love me?”

He answers “I will die for u.”

And he really did.

In your arms.

Your house Bell rang.U opened it without looking at the peep hole.

a COURIEr man was holding a parcel in his arm and handed it to u.

Courier: “the sender actually wants this parcel to be given to u at 8PM sharp.He said that You agreed to be his GF at this same timing last year.SO,he wants to make a surprise.SOrry to hear about his death.Heard it from the news.Sorry.he was a good man.I can see. Rest well madam.”

Once he left,u opened up the box and u looked in it.Its a cute bear in it.

A Girl Bear wearing a A wedding gown. There was a card attached to it.

“Will u marry me??” -Your SHINee BF

U cried at the spot and kisses the card.

He planned all this before he pass away..

See How much he loved u.


Credits : Same Author

6 Responses to “[SHINeeSTORY] When it comes to love …#4 [END]”

  1. deb94 December 13, 2010 at 2:24 am #

    omg~~it’s such a sad ending >~< i started crying half way reading TT____TT good job!!!

  2. Mi-Cha December 13, 2010 at 9:45 am #

    taeminnie. . . :C

  3. lisaizhar_da7@Yahoo.com December 15, 2010 at 11:57 pm #

    ohmygodd. i read this story 5times. each time a different member. and i cried soo hard each time! D’:

  4. vanessa December 17, 2010 at 7:42 am #

    O MY EFFIN GOSH i cant believe i’m cryin
    this is a really sad story

  5. Lila December 24, 2010 at 8:31 pm #

    Omg i cried! ;( so sad story! still can believe he dies!

  6. Kimuu December 31, 2010 at 10:07 am #

    Ohmy~… TT_TT
    *teary* Noooooo~!!! *dramatic handgesture*

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