[SHINeeSTORY] When it comes to love …#3

12 Dec

STATUS: ‘Try separating us again.Let me see.Whether u will succeed or not this time round.’

U smiled at your lappy wallpaper and a NOTIFICATION popped up. Someone tagged 3 picts of u.

You clicked on the TAGGED PICTURES.Its a snap of you and your SHINee Bf moments ago just outside your house.

Under the pictures,It was written “Dont take back anything that u ever throw aside.He’s mine.and will always be. Choose. Your life or his.”

Without further ado,U called your SHINee BF.He did not picked up….. :/

U tried calling one more time.and now,the line cannot even go through!


U quickly called manager hyung’s number…And he picked it up so fast!

YOU: “hyung ah,Is he with u now?I cant contact him!!”

Manager: “Ah yes he is.He is safe here with me.Infact he is bathing now….Anything that u need from him?I can ask him to get out from the shower now”

YOU: (U laughed.Indeed ur the happiest girl now!) “Ah its ok hyung ahh.Let him have his bath.Convey my regards to him yeah!”

You were smiling to yourself so widely.Now u can haf an ease of mind….He is safe now. ^^

The next day.When u wakes up….Your Hp beeped.U read the SMS.

Onew: ‘Good Morning my dear princess.Im sure u had a good sleep last nite.Well,I might not be able to see u today as we will have 3 shows today.I wil miss u alot baby girl….I love u’

Jong: ‘Hey my dear!im sure ur still sleeping now….Heh…Dreaming about me right?Ah too bad i had to stop dreaming about u now.Had to bath and prepare for shows today.I will text u in btw the shows ok! Saranghae.Kissess and hugs from your Bling Bling’

Key: ‘Go and sleep back after reading tis msg ok! I dont want to see wrinkle on your face at tis early stage of life.hah.Anw bb girl,I will be very busy today.3shows in a row. But i promise,i will call u secretly in the toilet ok!Hehe…… Ah,Yes.I miss u already. ;(‘

Minho: ‘I miss this little princess of mine alot.may god bless her today,tomorrow and till ever last ‘

Taemin: ‘Good morning yeobo! Guess what!I dreamt of u just now!U were just about to kiss me ehs but then the dream was being cut off!manager hyung wakes me up!Hope u will continue the dream as reality ok!Hwaiting bb!Sleep well!’

Upon seeing his msg,U laughed and smile at his msg.U dove out from bed and switched on your Facebook first.

Again.another NOTIFICATION from the Unknown Facebook user.

She tagged another picture of SHINee BF which is on the way to enter his van.Its dated today,3minutes ago!

U shower quickly and went out from your house.U called your SHINee Bf.

YOU: “Hey yeobo!Can i follow u to the concerns today?Pls Pls Pls.tell manager hyung pls pls….”

Onew: (He scratched his head and asked manager hyung) “Ah,but we r already On the way to the airport.We have a show at Jeju island today.U follow next time ok!”

Jong: “Ah sweety baby!I really do want u to follow me.Instead we can spend more time there.but,i dun think theres still time for u to reach here on time ehs.Next time i shall bring u along ok!”

Key: “Ah,(he pouted his mouth at manager) never mind bb.Dont cry ok.Next time if we go out from Seoul,I will fetch u and u will be with us ok!But today,Cannot..We haf not enough time..Next time k sweetheart?”

Minho: “Hmmmm…..I will be back today itself…I wont go away from u so long…I promise i will be back for u…Wait for me ok!”

Taemin: “Aish,Why can’t they give us another hyung ah?” (He jokingly said that.In the end,he hugged manager jhyung and kisses his cheek.LOL.) “Sorry noona yeobo…..Hyung say we cannot afford to waste another 15minutes to take u from your house…NExt time ok!Even manager hyung promise”

You bite yr lips.Ah,He wont be within your sight anymore within the next few hours. But,Thank god,manager hyung will always be with him.

YOU: “Ok then,Take good care of yourself ok!Text me regularly!Stick wit manager hyung…Dont go away from him…Ok?”

before u could finish of your sentence,He intruded in..

Onew: “And,dont look at any other pretty sexy girl except for you right??” (Onew laughed so hard and u blushed so badly!)

Jong: “And….And….When SNSD or any other girl bands are there,Just stare at my HP and look at your picture instead right??” (You bite your lips and laughed to yourself)

Key: “And..And…..To try and refuse any photo taking with other girls….Or if they really want,answer them back..Im attached sorry…right?” (key laughed at u.)

Minho: “And let me guess….And when u remember about me,Call me straight away…..Am i right baby?”

Taemin: “And,And, To please stop making cute cute faces on the stage that make fangirls go crazy over them..HAha!correct?” (U laughed at him alsoo)

He is sooo adorably cute!^^ U put down the HP and went inside your house.But,when u are just about to open your main door,Someone tapped u from behind and placed a handkerchief filled with kerosene on your mouth/nose. U fainted in that person’s arm. And u were being carried away.


@ the airport. While walking towards the departure gate,Your SHINee BF suddenly feel uneasy. He looked at his mobile and saw your wallpaper. and smile to himself. He placed his mobile in his back jean’s pocket and surrender his passport to the counter.many fans are videoing him.

When he is finally in the transit area,The bangle that u once gave him broken and the beads were all over the place.He bend down and picked every beads that’s on the floor.

Onew: ‘Bah,i hope she’s fine.Why is my heart so heavy now?Ah maybe because im leaving her for the day’ (Onew shake his negative feeling and continue walking with the rest)

Jong: ‘Ah,this bangles never ever once broken.Why must it break at the same time when my heart felt so heavy??Is something bad gonna happen?Aish,No.Cant be.She’s safe.She’s with her mom at home now…’

Key: ‘Although this bangle is not so expensive,but when it break,My heart breaks too..It has a strong connection with my baby darling.Is she ok there?Ah,maybe she’s crying as she can’t follow today.Heh.’(key smiled to himself and run after the others)

Minho: ‘No no.Everythings gonna be fine.I will meet her after 11 hours..She will be fine.She will be fine this eleven hours..Im sure..’ (He knows very well that something is not right,but he shake that thoughts away)

Taemin: ‘Aish….Why must it break now?Why did she also suddenly wanted to follow today?She usually doesnt care where SHINee goes to…But today,She sounded so different…Ah,maybe she just don’t want to loss me again to another girl’s hand’ (Taemin smile and run after his hyung!)

After a few hours…

SHINee finally reaches Jeju Island.Tons of fans are waiting for them. SHINee as usual,Smile to all and even waved at them….. Once they are in the van… He texted u..

Onew: ‘Finally here in Jeju.Shall i buy for u tangerines dear?Or would u want some handcrafted bangles?’

Jong: ‘There were so many fans at the airport.Dont worry.None strike my eyes.My eyes is for u only.’

Key: ‘Yeah!Reached!Now im happily munching some crackers and Onew hyung is already sleeping!haha!’

Minho: ‘Ah baby,can u help me see what time is the LIVE telecast for Korea Baseball match today?I suddenly remember about it!’

Taemin: ‘Noona Noona neomu yeppeo……..I started to miss u already.Im sure u too right?Hehe!’

After 15minutes,theres still no answer from u.SHINee BF find something amiss..

But he still carry on with his schedule…

Until a call make him totally lost.


Who called him?

What will happen at last!?

Why did i choose this tittle instead of the rest?!

Will u cry another round again??


Credits : Same Author

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