[SHINeeSTORY] When it comes to love …#2

11 Dec

The journey to home gonna take at leat 45minutes long.U fall asleep and eventually,U leaned against your EX SHINee BF’s shoulder..U did not notice that u are leaning against him.U were too fatigue.

He stopped driving and parked his car at a corner.

He looked at u sleeping.

Onew: ‘I miss kissing u.But i know,I loss the right to kiss u since just now.’

Jong: ‘That pink lips of yours..I’ve always love it when u smile for me.But now,I know,It will be smiling for other guys soon”

Key: ‘Can i kiss u now?’ (Key leaned forward to kiss u but he stopped halfway) ‘Ah,Ur not mine anymore’

Minho: ‘Sleep as long as u want my dear.I know,This will be the last time ever u gonna sleep on my shoulder anymore…”

Taemin: (He played with your hair and smell the scent of it) “I will miss playing with your hair.But i know,Its too late now to take back my words”


His HP rang.He quickly picked it up not wanting to wake u up.

SHE: “Ah baby boy!I miss u alot now!Can u pick me up now itself??Im done with my modelling for the day..Im sure u are free now right?manager hyung just texted me that SHINee has no plan today…So Can i get ready now???”

Your Ex SHINee BF looked at u that is still sleeping soundly.

Onew: “Ah……Sorry…I cant…Im stuck in a traffic jam now….I will just meet u tonight”

Jong: “Nope.Lets just meet tonight.Im doing something right now.And i cant leave it halfway”

Key: “Aigooo…Sorry baby girl…. Im having a bad tummy now….Im sure u dont want to go out with a stinky Handsome guy right??”

Minho: “Im in the middle of a soccer match now.I will call u back later?Is it ok with u?”

Taemin: “Argh,Sorry..I can only meet u at night.I gotta go home and finish my school assignment bahh”

She let out a huge sigh over the handphone and just put down the phone so harshly!He put his HP to one side.. And looked at u.U were staring straight into his eyes now.U quickly get away from him and looked straight.

YOU: “why did u lie to her?Ur free now right?Come,Drive me back to my house so that u can have a longer time with her.Pity her.She is so eager to meet u….Come,Start driving!”

He obeyed your wish and drive.While driving,he suddenly said…

Onew: “Can i take back my words earlier just now at the beach?I think i love u more than her!”

Jong: “I think i loss my mind just now.I said nonsensical things.I dont want to let u go yet.Pls.accept me back”

Key: “Ah..I dont feel the same when i heard her voice just now..I feel like i love u again now..”

Minho: “Pardon me for my carelessness just now.Watever that i said just now at the beach,Not true at all.I think i still want u in my life!”

Taemin: “Can i take u back into my life?Can u be my girl once again?I’m sure my heart is really wanting u now!”

Your eyes widen and u gave him a tight slap to his left cheek.

YOU: “Wat do u think i am?A TOY in your life where u can just throw and take whenever u want???I have feelings too! But looking at how you’re treating me, Im sorry.. Ur really a TRUE man. A man that gets shaken of when he see a new thing in his eyes.”

You were really angry at him! Luckily u haf reached your house.Its still raining.U dashed out from the car.He ran after you.

Onew: (he pulled your hand) “Hey!Wait!Look! Im not what u think i am!Im still the same Onew! Everything that i said just now at the beach,I din mean it…..I said all that cause u keep asking me all over again.I get so pissed of! Pls baby.Accept me back!”

Jong: (he ran to u and hug u from behind.the rain nvr stopped pouring) “IM sorry.I still do love u.Its just that, When u keep asking me the same question all over again,I get really angry!”

Key: (He went infront of u,Hold your hand and kiss it) “Pls.Just give me one last chance.I promise i will stick to my wordssss!”

Minho: (He pull u into his hug.He stroke your hair and he gently rest his chin on your shoulder) “I m taking back my words just now….Can u still accept me back?”

Taemin: (He hold your hand and grab it tight) “just one last chance.Just one.”

You bite yr tongue and u look into his eyes.He doesnt seem he’s lying.

You smiled and slowly plant a kiss at his cheeck.He was so shocked.

He pulled u close to him and he whisper at your ear.

Onew: “Kiss me more will u?I miss it so much!”

Jong: “Ah.Now u are making me more cheecky!Are there anyone looking at us now???” (he looked around and saw an old couple looking straight at u two!)

Key: “Only One?Can i haf another here?Here?Here?” (he points towards his left and right cheek and lastly at his mouth)

Minho: “Ah,i miss your kisses alot.Can u pls dont stop kissing me?Continue pls…” (Minho closed his eyes and waited for u to kiss him)

Taemin: “Noona, Can i kiss u now?Ive been waiting so long to kiss u….Pls….Grant me the permission”

You stamped on his foot and stick your tongue out at him.

YOU: “Boo!No More!Once is enough!Shall see u again my cute,handsome,pretty,gorgeous BF!Call me once u reach home ok! ^^ I love u^^”

Onew: (He flew kisses to u and smile) “I love u too.And trust me.Im not lying”

Jong: (He winked his eyes at u) “Pssstt…Tomorrow kiss me again ok!”

Key: (He waved his hands at you as though he is performing Hello) “Bye bye Bye Bye!” (Singing to Hello tune!) “saranghae baby girl!”

Minho: (He gave u a flying kiss and then he winked at u)  “Dream about me tonight ok!I promise u that I will dream of u too!”

Taemin: “Noona….” (He spinned around and then he knee down infront of u) “Thanks for giving me a second chance…”

Seeing him back to his normal self,U smiled to yourself. U went into your room and switched on your FaceBook and updated your status.

STATUS: ‘Try separating us again.Let me see.Whether u will succeed or not this time round.’

U smiled at your lappy wallpaper and a NOTIFICATION popped up. Someone tagged 3 picts of u.

You clicked on the TAGGED PICTURES.Its a snap of you and your SHINee Bf moments ago just outside your house.

Under the pictures,It was written “Dont take back anything that u ever throw aside.He’s mine.and will always be. Choose. Your life or his.”

Without further ado,U called your SHINee BF.He did not picked up….. :/

U tried calling one more time.and now,the line cannot even go through!


What happen to him?

Who tagged the pictures?

What did she mean by ” Choose. Your life or his.”??

What exactly gonna happen??


credits : same author


One Response to “[SHINeeSTORY] When it comes to love …#2”

  1. kitty December 12, 2010 at 3:56 am #

    will there be part 3? because is soo nice but too sort at part 2

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