[SHINeeSTORY] When it comes to love … #1

6 Dec

U looked into his eyes. U cant figure out what he was thinking. U stare back into the open sea that was infront of u. Waiting for him to explain to u everything..This is definitely not the first time u heard rumours about him with the same girl.And as time goes by,The rumours seems hard not to be believed. And furthermore,when u see it with your own eyes…

Its really difficult to ignore.

U asked him “I’m not forcing you.U know me well right?I just need an answer from u.thats all. Is it true that u have a little feeling for her? Come tell me the truth….I wont get mad…I promised u that..”

That questionhas been asked for the last 15minutes. Theres still no answer from him.


Onew: (he clear his throat,turned his body facing u and hold your hand) “I might be a really mean BF of yours.but,Im sorry. I cant hide this anymore.My love for u.Is depleting as days goes by….” (He looked at every inch of reaction that u surfaces)

Jong: (He looked straight into the open sea too,Avoiding to look into your eyes) “I think its time for us to go our separate ways now.We arent of the same wavelength anymore…..I guess this is the best solution baby” (He turned his head slightly and wait for your response)

Key: “I’ve always been wanting to find the correct timing to tell u this.I guess its time.Yes.My heart,it has change. It no longer yearn for you.Instead its looking for another….A new replacement…..” (key said it straight)

MInho: (He went infront of u and knee down infront of u) “Ur really a nice girl my dear.too nice.While i’m..Im just another bad boy that goes around breaking people’s heart.I breaked yours today. I know. U can slap me now…. Reallyyy”

Taemin: “Yes noona,I love another girl now. Im sorry.But lets end this now.before i hurt u more…” (Taemin sounded very mean but deep down,his heart was really aching when he said it.he never ever once dream of breaking this noona’s heart but he had toooo..)

You knew it.U knew it all along.You are just a toy in his life..A toy that could be thrown away when not needed by a big superstar like him. You smiled and turned at him.

You: “Neh.Its ok.Thanks for all your love that u haf tried giving me all this while.thanks.I gotta go. Shall see u around. Good Luck for your future endevours. Remember life is only once.U cannot ask for it to be replayed. ok? take care!”

You walked away,while placing your couple ring on the table. He was looking down all the way,not wanting to see you at all.

Once u are out from his sight,He placed the ring in his hand..

Onew: “I hope i made the right choice of letting her go”

Jong: “Why is my heart suddenly feel so so heavy when she left?”

Key: “Wah,I feel so empty when she left me alone here.Neh,i must get use to this.”

Minho: “Been so used to being with her,Now,when she left, my soul seemed so uneased..So unusual…”

Taemin: “I think im feeling sad because i tot first love last forever.but actually NOT.”

He shook his head and walked away.He called the girl and she answered.

SHE: “Ah baby honey!U finally called!Where are you?Im finishing my work soon!Arent u gonna date me tonight?”

Onew: (he laughed) “Hahah!!Im at er,er,er the beaach..I finally excaped from her.Lets celebrate it tonight!Shall we?”Onew talked while he went into his car..)

Jong: (He smiled,Turned on the engine and looked at the rear mirror to check on his hair.He smiled while listening to her talking) “Did i tell u.Your voice brings joy through out me?How happy can u make someone feel with your jovial voice? Lets celebrate tonight! For my braveness in asking a break from her today!Yeah!im a free man finally!”

Key: “Wah wah wah.there u go rapping again.Can u talk slower and softer?Haha!Ah,ANyways,My dear Princess,I will picked u up later at night and we shall go and celebrate together for my victory today! I manage to break free from her at all!”

Minho: “Of course.A day without seeing u,I feel very stress out and sad.We shall go and party all night.Ah,U know what? U and me,can finally be together as of today.Yes.Im free from her!at last!”

Taemin: “Sexy,Tonight, I will dance for u.A very exclusive one.To commemorate my first day as a new MAN!Yes! Im finally single again!”

She: (She was clapping her hand and was soo overjoyed!) “Ah finally she’s gone out of the picture.She has been a total pain in my life. I hope she will get into an accident an….an….and”

Onew: (He stopped her halfway) “Hey.Stop talking that about her.She might be my EX GF but still u cant talk about her as such..U dont know her as well as i do.”

Jong: “STOP.I said STOP.She’s still my friend although we arent a couple anymore.I beg u.Stop saying that kinda words to her.She’s not what u think ok.”

Key: “Why are u sooo mean?We arent GOD to pray the worse for people.Do u know that she does not even cry when i ask for a break up?And she does not even say a single bad thing about you?So,pls baby,Dont say it anymore ok!”

Minho: “Yah,No.U cant say that.She’s one of the most sweetest girl i ever met.Yup,Its true that our fate is no longer together but I still regard her as a friend.A very close friend.Pls.Pls respect my request bb”

Taemin: “Its very bad to pray for the worse for people!She used to get tormented at by fans but never did she once scolded any fans or even hurt them back.Learn to be like her ok. Ok sweety?”

She rolled her eyes and place down her HP.He smiled and continue driving. It was already raining cats and dogs.

You were sitting alone at the bustop waiting for your bus to come. He saw u from far and stopped directly infront of the bustop.Everyone’s eyes was looking at the luxurious car that stopped.He went out from his car and run to you with an umbrella in his hand….. You were shocked seeing him there.

Onew: (His hair was wet already.So,when he was finally under the bustop shelter,He swing his hair from left to right.U looked at his handsome face.U used to scold him when he wet his hair.He suddenly smiled at u,bringing u back to reality) “I think u need a ride from me.The bus not going to come soo soon.See,its really raining heavily!Come i will drop u home”

Jong: (Jong went out from his car. Brought along the umbrella that u once bought for him.He walked so macho-ly and approached u with The same smile that make u fall for him.U remembered,His smile is the one that made u blushed so badly during the first date u had wiyh him. He waved his hand infront of u to grab your attention back.He sat next to u. ) “Ah,looks like u gonna sleep here the whole day to wait for the bus to come. I dont want u to get sick.Come.I shall send u home. U will get definitely  get sick when ur in the rain for a long time”

Key: (He took out his polka dot umbrella and ran to the bustop.Everyone was looking at his umbrella,Imagining a HOT GUY using such a sweet umbrella. U smiled to yourself.Key has always love Pink too.And he is the only guy in your life that suits to be with Pink.) “Aish,Dont refuse me.ur going to be in my car in 10secs.I will drive u home.Pls dont say NO. Cause i know u too well.NO is your fav Word.”

Minho: (he do not have any umbrella.Instead he took his extra jaket and ran to u.His shoulder length hair was wet already.He sat next to u and placed the jacket over u) “Come.Let me send u home.U will fall sick if u stay here longer. Or,either u take my car or i will wait for the bus with u here..Which one do u prefer?”

Taemin: (He looked at u from his car.His window was tinted thus people outside wont be able to see him.His heart was still aching.Upon looking at u drenched badly,It hurt even more.He quickly walked out from his car,totally soaked in the rain.He has no umbrella at all.He offered his hand to u) “Come noona.Lets go..I cant bear to see you falling sick”

You looked around.People was waiting for your response.You shake your hand towards him,indicating that u will just take bus.Until,one ahjumma voiced out.

Ahjumma: “Young lady,See.your BF is really concerned about u.Look at his eyes.he love you sooo much….Go.Dont dissapoint him….” (SHe whisper to EX SHINee BF) “Take good care of her ok.She’s really one in a million.”

Your face was blushing so badly.You had no choice but to stand up and bowed at the ahjumma and proceeded to go into his car. The ahjumma was soo happy seeing u finally accepted his offer.

In The Car.

the atmosphere was so tensed up.There was only the song of SHINee’s Quasimodo playing over at his DVD player. Suddenly u started sneezing non-stop. U had no tissue on you,thus u keep pinching your nose. He turned to look at u and shake his head. He stretched his hand to the backseat and handed u a piece of tissue.

U took it and smiled. It was very awkward being in his car today.Although u have been riding it almost everyday for 3 years,Today,It felt very strange to be inside it. U kept on sneezing and u know your condition isnt feeling good.

The journey to home gonna take at leat 45minutes long.U fall asleep and eventually,U leaned against your EX SHINee BF’s shoulder..U did not notice that u are leaning against him.U were too fatigue.

He stopped driving and parked his car at a corner.

He looked at u sleeping.

Onew: ‘I miss kissing u.But i know,I loss the right to kiss u since just now.’

Jong: ‘That pink lips of yours..I’ve always love it when u smile for me.But now,I know,It will be smiling for other guys soon”

Key: ‘Can i kiss u now?’ (Key leaned forward to kiss u but he stopped halfway) ‘Ah,Ur not mine anymore’

Minho: ‘Sleep as long as u want my dear.I know,This will be the last time ever u gonna sleep on my shoulder anymore…”

Taemin: (He played with your hair and smell the scent of it) “I will miss playing wit your hair.But i know,Its too late now to take back my words”


Does he still love you?

But why did he asked for a break for u then?

Why is the third party soo mean towrds u?

What is going on?

Why is your EX SHINee Bf still concern about u!?

Will it be a sad ending soon?


Credits : Same Author


2 Responses to “[SHINeeSTORY] When it comes to love … #1”

  1. vanessa December 8, 2010 at 4:31 am #

    (when it comes to love)

    wow this story is crazy i loved it i cant stop reading it jajajaaa…i love all the stories u guys have but this is my favorite 1,keep putting more stories like these ❤

  2. kitty December 8, 2010 at 9:04 pm #

    ya your story is nice so faster put part 2 i really want to know what happen at part 2

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