[SHINeeSTORY] A Day Out <3

6 Dec
FINALLY! Your majors have just finished & YES! You had been looking forward to THIS very day. Little did you know, that he have been planning a surprise specially for you. When you reached home from school, you found an envelope with your name on it, right at your house’s doorstep. Curious, you opened it, & the next minute you knew, you were jumping in joy!

In the envelope, it was two tickets to theme park. You have been dying to go the theme park with him, so as to have some fun & to grab hold of him in those scary rides. HAHA. Just as you were in your gleeful thoughts, he appeared right in front of you.It was double joy for you, you hugged him & gave him a peck on his cheeks & then he said…

“WHOA! Dearest, don’t hug me so tightly. Otherwise, I will have been suffocated even before the both of us reached the theme park. HAHA.” Then you let go of him and then gave him a embarassed smile. He then grabbed hold of your hand and together the both of you went to take a bus that was heading to the theme park.

First, you guys went to ride the ferries wheel. The queue was long but soon, it was you guys’ turn to ride the crew helped to secure everything and up you guys go! The carriage got higher and higher. The people beneath got tinier and tinier.

Onew : He will touch your cheeks. “Hey hey, judging by that look on your face, you are not really enjoying this right? “You nodded your head. “Never mind, I’m here with you. After this, let’s go get chicken, you’ll feel better! “

Jonghyun: He sees your dazed looking face. He will sit next to you and put his hands over your shoulder. “Baby, I’m here with you, always, and forever. Remember that. Don’t worry, we’ll be down soon! “

Key: he will happily hold your hand. “Yeobo! Look, we’re going up, up, up! “When you did not respond, he will turn to look at you.” Are you afraid? Don’t worry; your ALMIGHTY KEY is here with you! “

Minho:  “My princess uh,are you okay? You look abit pale. Are you afraid or something? “He will rub his hands on your shoulders.” Are you cold? Do you feel warmer if i do this? Don’t worry; your prince here will be here no matter what. “

Taemin: he will look out of the carriage. “The people below are getting smaller and smaller, they look like ants!” you gave him an uncomfortable smile. “Omo, are you scared? Honestly, I’m abit worried too. Come, you can cuddle next to be so that you’ll feel protected! “

Next, you saw the roller coaster just beside you, you screamed in excitement!

‘’Baby! SEE! Roller coaster! Lets go!’’ you pulled his hands and dragged him over to the Queue. You sensed something wrong when he is not walking; you turned around and guess what you saw?!

Onew: Stand straight, smiling at you. You know I won’t accompany you to sit that thingy. he points towards the roller coaster. It’s too high for me, I can’t take it. I bet I will faint right in front of you. XD Lets go eat chicken! I am so hungry now!

Jonghyun: Squatting down on the floor. Although I might look like a tough guy, but I am actually very timid. You laughed when u heard this XD He smack you on your arms and said, DON’T LAUGH! But you just can’t help it. Hahaha

Key: Dancing to 2ne1- I don’t careeee~ you know I am scared of height! Now u wants me to sit this with you?! What do I gain? Tell me first~ If not I will stand here for the whole day! ;p

Minho: Folded his arms and smirks. Are you sure you wanna sit this with me? Hahaha don’t be the one screaming in fright first XD You rolled your eyes and stick out your tongue. He laughed,’’ You looked like key!’’ haha you both burst into laughter~

Taemin: Noona! Are you trying to bully me now! He pouts and let out a cute expression. XD You hugged him and said,’’pleaseeeee~ just ride with me for once. Just once! I promise.’’ He tickles you,’’ okay just once!’’ haha

After the scary roller coaster ride, you wanted to try the pirate ship! You all searched so long for it and the weather is extremely hot!

‘’The pirate ship!’’ You exclaimed. You guys got onto the ship. The crew helped to put on the seatbelts. You were just waiting for other people to get ready and the ride will start. While waiting~

Onew:  “Yeobo, if you don’t want to ride this, it’s fine with me you know. I bring you to eat more chicken! I just saw a stall selling chicken on the way to this ride you know! If you want to ride, hold on tight to be okay! “

Jonghyun: “After this ride, we should get something more relaxing, don’t you agree? For the time being, let’s hold on tight! We’ll be moving very high! “He will then winks at you and wait for the ride to start.

Key: “yah, this is going to be fun! It’s like a huge swing! if you’re scared again, you can lock arms with the almighty key, its free! “You immediately locked arms with him.” yah, you seriously need to stop being to afraid of so many things okay! “Key and Lockets

Minho:  “If your CHOI MINHO’s gf, I’m quite sure you aren’t scared of this ride right? Kids ride these kinds of rides! I’m quite sure you aren’t like taemin right? He gets seasick! “He will then give you a comforting pat on the shoulder.

Taemin: ” Ahh, baby, hold on to my hand, i’m abit worried i might get seasick you know! i had a boatride with the hyungs before and I couldn’t really take it!“ Before you can even react, he will take your hand and hold on to it tightly.

After a long day, you all finally decided to go home!

‘’Hope you enjoyed yourself today with me baby!’’ he hugs you and kisses you on your forehead. I hope we can enjoy every moment together as long as we can. You know I really love you a lot right? I will spend as much time with you as possible if I can. I believe our love will last. (:

You blushed and lowered your head down.  You whispered,’’ Yes I am sure it will.’’

Creadits : SHINeeShawolsSG


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