[SHINeeSTORY] Has his feelings change ? #Ending

4 Dec

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Once u opened the door, U see noone and was greeted by a White envelope on the floor…..

You: “Someone send me a white envelope eh chinggu!” (U flipped open the envelope and………)

Lee Joon: HEy hey..U there still?Why arent u saying anything?Hello..Chinggu..Chinggu….

The white envelope infront of u. Ur eyes widen upon seeing the contents inside. U put the contents properly inside the envelope again and close the door. Upon realising that ur actually on the phone with Joon, U throw the envelope to the coffee table and u sat on your couch.

You: “Hey chinggu.Call me back tmr ok.I haf sumting to do..Sorry”…. CALL ENDED…

Lee Joon stared at his phone.What excatly happen?


SHINee BF is now outside your house. He presses the doorbell and waited for u to open it.

Still no reply from u. He bent down n dig his hand into the flowerpot that was situated right at the corner and took out a HIDDEN SPECIAL KEY to your house. Your dad always put it there so that if there is any case of emergency,SHINee BF can just use it to unlock the main door.

And now,He is inside your house…. He saw you sitting on the couch..

Onew: (Walk to u from behind and close your eyes) “Hey yeobo…..GUess Who is here?” (He giggled and waited fro u to response…U pulled his hand away from your eyes,not saying anything)

Jong: (He run to u and jumped next to u on the couch…) “HEY!I’m here!” (He turned and look at u and give u a cheeky wink.Instead of smiling,U cover your eyes with your hand and ignored him)

Key: (He went to the kitchen and take two cups for u and him..He then sit next to u and offer u the drink) “TADAAA…The Special Coffee for the special KEY to my heart….” (U smiled and grab the cup from his hand and put it back on the table)

Minho: (He quietly sit next to u and hold your hand) “Hey….”  (U removed your hand away from him and fold it towards your chest.Minho was surprised seeing your abrupt reaction!)

Taemin: (He will stand in front of u and playfully wave his hand infront of u..U did not show him any expression.Then,He bring himself next to u and tap your shoulder) “Hellloooooo……Your prince is here…..”

Upon feeling the cold treatment that you gave him,He knows that something is wrong.But he doesn’t want to carry it on further.He quietly sit next to u and switch on the TV. The content of the envelope is still fresh in your mind….And its still directly in front of u..

U turned and look at him.

Onew: “Ah..finallyy…..u turned!!” (He want to pull you into his hugs but u pushed him and quickly stand up)

Jong: (He turned and stare at u trying to read your eyes.He failed. He touched your cheeks and caressed your hair.U pushed his hand away and stood up,folding your arms in front of him)

Key: “Nah..Try the coffee that i make.Its full of love,Care,concern,romance.Just from me to u…” (he grabbed your cup and try and feed u but u pushed the cup and it break.Ur not bothered about the broken cup at all and stood up)

Minho: (He was so tired that night so he slowly put his head on your lap to rest.Upon seeing him trying to get close to him,U gave him a tight slap that left him seriously shock)

Taemin: “Noona..U look so gorgeous today….I love the new lipstick color….” (he touched your lips and smile.But, u push his hand away and it knocked against the cofeetable.He groaned in pain)

SHINee BF’s tolerance towards u now is ZERO.He stood up facing you and gave u a chill stare. U fight his glares back.U bend down and took the white envelope in your hand.

YOU: “Baby….U must have a very nice time with her right that day??Awww..Look at this photos…. (U took out the FIRST PICTURE and subsequently revealed the rest)….

1 st PICTURE: SHINee BF and Jess holding each other hand while walking…..

2nd picture: SHINee BF hugged her waist and play with her hair…

3rd picture: SHINee BF licking ice cream with her…

4th picture: SHINee BF walking out from the pub with her.She was wearing a super SHORT DRESS

5th picture: She sitting on your SHINee Bf’s lap…

Amazing pictures rite?U chose a very good photographer baby to encraved your sweet memories with her… But,this last picture is the MOST EPIC! She took the last pic out and throw it at your SHINee BF’s face..Tears rolled down your check now and u turned yourself away from him… He looked at the picture….

Lat picture: SHINee BF kissing her..

SHINee BF tore the picture and walked towards u…

Onew: “Baby..Im really really sorry…..i was being framed that night…That wasnt me…i mean,That wasnt the real me..Im sure u know me better dear….I’m not that kind of guy….”(onew dropped on his knees and hold your hand,U did not move a single inch)

Jong: “Jakiya…..I know how hurt ur feeling now.Trust me,If this happen to me also, seeing u with another guy,I will be mad like u.But dear…Pls..i cant bear seeing u like this…Its my fault.Pls forgive me.I haf not been a loyal BF towards u….But,im really not sure why i did all this on that night! bb….Baby….Pls turn and look at me…”

Key: “Pictures mean a thousand words.I know.How many time i try to change your mindset,u will still aim it back to the pictures.” (he took the pictures in his hand and look at it all over again) “Trust me,If i’m in your shoe right now,i will slap myself.I have such a good GF in my life and still have the cheek to betray her…Slap me now baby.Slap….Im all ready…”

Minho: (he stand in front of u and tipped up your chin) “Its hard for me to prove to u that im not myself in that photos..I know when look in your eyes…I know…Your eyes have recorded all the images in your brain. And how hard it is to erase it back. But,Your in heart..Look in to it…And ask yourself ”Are u sure that you’re hating me?”

Taemin: “Babyyy…” (He pull u in his hug and refuse to let u go) “I hurt u again this time…Again and again..And i know this is the worse amongst all right?But why do i still have the feeling that 40% of your heart don’t believe in whatever that your seeing?Why do i still feel that your heart still has my name all over it?And why do i feel your heartbeat beating for me still?

You moved back a step and opened the main door.

You: Look around the house again,It will be the last time u gonna step in this house.Give me back the keys. I shall pass it to the new owner to my heart.

Onew: (He grabbed your wrist and stare at u coldly) “THE NEW OWNER TO YOUR HEART??”

Jong: “Did i hear it correctly??U already find a replacement for me??”

Key: “Im not going to leave your heart ever.ASk the new owner to go out now..”

Minho: “Trust me.My heart has only your name.She’snot even a part of me.How can u do this to me?”

Taemin: “No.Tell me u said it wrongly”

You smiled and handed the envelope in your hand.

You: “Yeah.U heard it right.Ive found a new love of my life that will protect me,that will love me with all his heart,that will care for me as though im all his..that will provide me with hugs and kisses when i need them….But most importantly,He is someone that isn’t AT ALL SIMILAR TO U.  take this envelope back.So u can paste it on your wall and recap the sweet moment between u and her !

U pulled him out from the door and locked it quickly.SHINee BF was still outside.He knocked on your door and shouted your name…Your tears rolled down again….U reached out for your HP in your pocket and dial……LEE JOON…


After 1 week.@ KBS Building. U were waiting for someone and thus u played with your HP.


Jong: (he sit next to u and grabbed your  HP and dialed his own number.His own HP vibrate and his screen shows YOUR NEW HP NUMBER.He saved it and smile at u) “So will u change your number again after this???And will u ask your parents to lie again everytime i knocked on your door?Wats wrong?U still haven’t forgive me??”

Key: (he pulled u suddenly and hugged u for so long…..His tears went down and it weted your shirt…U pull away from him) “I miss u.I really do. i tried all ways but i cant seem to reach you this one week.Where have you been?Are u well?” (he looked at u from top to bottom) “U loss weight.I know”

Minho: (He sit next to u and hold your hand.U stopped playing) “Hey.Im really glad to see u here waiting for me.LAst week was hell for me.I nearly wanted to report you to the police force as i reli can’t find u. Pls baby.Pls dont do this to me….again…I promise i wont hurt u anymore after this…”

Taemin: (he snatched your hP from you and look at your wallpaper.Its still his picture with u) “I knew it.Wherever u run to in this world,If your heart refuse to reject me,there isnt any ways to hate me ever….”

U stare at him. “I reeally do miss u a lot too baby…But…I cant show it…Sorry if if my next actions will hurt u..” U whisper in your heart. U look over his shoulder and saw someone approaching u. U run like a small kid towards him and Hugged him so tighlty..Not wanting to let go…

YOU: “Joon ahh…I waited so long for u here….I miss u a lot a lot….” And u give him a gentle kiss on his mouth.

Lee Joon: “I miss u too baby….Alot…”

Upon seeing your SHINee BF,Joon let go of the hug and grab your hand and walked towards SHINee BF. Joon bowed and greeted SHINee bF. But,SHINee BF,instead grab his collar and push him to the wall.

Onew: “HOW CAN U BETRAY ME LIKE THAT JOON??!??? U STOLE YOUR OWN BESTFRIEND’S GF?? DONT U HAVE A HEART??” (onew almost wanted to punch him but he stopped suddenly)

Jong: “U are really a useless friend.How did we manage as bestfriend before???So all this while u have been having feelings for her right???DAMN!”

Key: (Key looked into his eyes for so long) “I dont understand,Arent there any special girls out there JOON???U should have told me that u need a GF.i will help u find some.But,HEY!WHY MY GF???”

Minho: “Joon..Dont make me loss my cool right here.U better explain to me.in detail.Why her and not other girls????Why must u take your own bestfriend’s GF???”

Taemin: “Tell me that im dreaming!PLS JOON!tell me that all this isn’t real!!!”

U quickly pulled SHINee BF away from Joon. U hugged Joon and place his collar back to its original placement.

YOU: “Pls….Pls….Let me and Joon be together…Accept the fact that We aren’t a couple anymore…Theres nothing btw u and me.And i wanna thank u for everything that u haf given me all this while.I appreaciate it…Now,i wanna ask a small favour from u.Pls respect my decision…”

You smiled at SHINee BF,trying to hold back your tears…U pulled Joon away from SHINee BF but u stopped walking when u heard a girl’s voice behind u.As though flirting with someone.U turned your head. And you almost fall down. But,Joon hold u up. He know what was going on behind…

It was Jessica.

Onew: (his eyes stare at u from the moment u walk away.When Jess slide her hand at his waist,He pull her closer to him and kisses her cheeck.He wanted to play revenge on u)

Jong: “Hey bb..Wow!u look so amazing in this hot tube!” (He kissed Jess on her forehead and his eyes stare aimlessly,watching u and Joon walking away)

Key: “Ahh….at last u are heree.I watched your MV and your so hot.Really hot. Esp the part where u hug the hero.can u hug me like how u hug him?” (Jess hug him.He smiled and looked at u.His eyes full of tears seeing u leaving him behind)

Minho: “I hate to have u near to me but do this for me.Just for 5mins.” (he hugged Jess and kissed her on her lips for 1 sec.And his eyes met your gaze….)

Taemin: (he pulled JESS to his lap and play with her hair) “U smell so nice..” (His eyes winked at u and then,he closes his eyes ah though he is enjoying his moment with JEss)

When u are out from his view,SHINee BF pushed JESS away..Jess was so shock!She tried hugging SHINee BF again…But he walked away and turned back to say his last few words..

Onew: “Thanks for the superb acting just now…treat u next time!”

Jong: “U look terrible actually in that!HAHA”

Key: “Dream on JES.u wont ever have me in your life!”

Minho: “Ah…Heartbroken now?DOnt be. You have other man to gt trick by you on the pub”

Taemin: “U are so fat.Now my leg is aching after u sat on my lap…Dont eat so much now..”

And SHINee BF just went away smiling to himself when he remember JESSICA shocked face!

BUt,recapping the moment between u and Lee Joon just now, U stopped smiling…..

They really suit each other….Reallyy…..


@ CAfe….You are with Lee Joon..He ordered for u a cup of white coffee..

U sit up straight.Looking at the sky that is getting darker…

Lee Joon: “When will u put a stop to all this chingu?”

YOU: “Joon…..NOt so soon yahhh….But…Looking at him and JESS just now….Haix….They reli looked like a perfect couple….Do u agree?”

LEE JOON: “How many time must i explain chingguu? They have nothing between them! Your BF’s drink was spiked that night! That’s how he wasnt himself at all!And thats where all the pictures comes about!

YOU: “Joon ahhh….Thank u so much for agreeing to act like my NEW BF just now…And did i kiss u too hard just now??”

Lee Joon: “Nah no worries….HAHA!I will do anything to make my bestfriend’s GF happy.But,it pains me when he pull my collars now!

YOU: “Chinggu…Although all the picture isn’t real,Then why is he still with JESS just now?? and he is so intimate with her!!! Joon ahh……i still love him….” You rested your head on the table and eventually u fall asleep as the weather started to rain also…


You finally wake up from your sleep.Without looking up,U covered your eyes and talked to Lee Joon..

YOU: “Chinggu.U know.Now i miss him so much.I dreamt about him just now. THe both of us were flying kite together with our children.Ah we had two children in the dream.One girl and one boy… He was laying down on my lap while we see our kids flying the kite…His kissess..it seemed so real…Its as though he just kissed me….. Chinggu…Chinggu….” You waited for him to response…


Onew: “Alright then baby…Lets get married now….”

Jong: “Ah..people say dreams are 95% real.And im going to have a girl kid….Thats good!”

Key: “Ah….You dream that i kissed you????U want me to do it now??”

Minho: “Why must u dream of us playing kite?I rather we n our kids have a picnic together…”

Taemin: “No no…No kte flying pls..I can really fall aslp….A dinner together as a family will be better”

Upon hearing his voice,U stood up and rubbed your eyes….Its not Lee Joon. U looked around the cafe and there he was.Lee Joon was at the corner, laughing at u! He planned all this… u pouted your lips..

YOU: “YAH u!!!!!!!!!!Its not proper to stare at a girl sleeping u know!!!!Go and see Jess lahh… She sexy rite?Im just an ordinary girl…..The way u kiss her,The way u hug her…Wahhh…..i…i…”

Before u can say anything……

Onew: (he pulled u to him and whisper) “Then shall i kiss u now?”

Jong: “I really wanted to kiss u but hey,,its a public place..Lets go sumwhere…

Key: “Kisses later…I really wanna hug u so badly now!!!Pls yeobo.HUG me!”

Minho: “I love u.And im sure u love me too….” (he gently kisses your forehead and smiled at u)

Taemin: “and im jealous seeing u kissing Joon just now also…..Can u kiss me now??”


Keep a look out for LoverSHINee tomorrow [SHINeeSTORY] ! ❤

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  1. DiblikAiShindou December 4, 2010 at 5:11 am #

    oh man.. really nice story..! thx for the happy-end..XD

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