[SHINeeSTORY] Has his feeling change ?

29 Nov

When u and your SHINee BF went out for a date with the other SHINee boys, They bring their own GFs as well. Its dinner time.And of course,u will sit next to your SHINee BF. The other couple started eating. And they even take turn to feed their own partner while your SHINee Bf is too obsessed with his own food to notice u.U purposely Elbowed your BF till he choke on his Food.He looked at u.

Onew: “Yah!Whats wrong??” (He wiped his mouth and looked at u and your food) “Why arent u still eating??U will be the last one left here if u still havenot eaten!” (U pouted your mouth and showed your tongue to him.He looked at the other couple who is busy feeding each other.He smiled and whisper at u) “Ah..Jealous eh? I will feed u next time whenwe are alone ok..More romantic….HAHA”

Jong: (He nudged u back and kicked your leg below the table…U pinched his hand and he let out a small yelp..) “YAH!Why are u soo violent today?Look at the rest.How they are peacefully enjoying their meal except for us…” (He looked at the others who are enjoying their partner feeding them.JOng took a spoonful of rice and feed u.But he did not signal to u and BAMM the rice fell on your lap as u were turning your head when he was feeding you.) “Ah baby..Sorri sorri.I will pick it up for u…” (His hand was about to pick the rice from your lap when he stop and look at u) “Err…..Its not proper to do that here.U pick the rice up ypurself k…”

Key: (He still continue eating till he is the first to finish of the whole plate.He then turn and looked at u….You are playing with your rice.KEY who doesnt look at the other couple,Quickly took the plate away from u and beat your hand playfully.) “YAH!DOnt play with food!Come,I will feed u.” (Your eyes finally shine so brightly.at last KEY is feeding you!!He realised that u are smiling from cheeck to cheeck) “YAH!Are u crazy??U looked like one crazy woman now!”

Minho: (He looked up and saw that the other couple are feeding their partner.He looked at u and realised that u are looking ath them with eyes full of tears.MIno smiled and poked your waist.He texted u) ‘Yah.I dun like to show our intimacy level infront of people.Its like showing off.I dont like to show off.Next time,i wont only feed you,I will cook for u and wash the dished for u ok..’

Taemin: (He looked at u with his mouth full of noodle) “yah noona,Anything wrong?” (U asked him to look at the couple infront of u.He looked and smiled at u) “Ah.they are eating Chicken Rice.U wana order chicken rice?i can order for u now.Anything for u baby..” (U gets soo piss of when he did not get wat u mean!U continue eating your rice fast!He hold your hand and say..) “Nah..I know exactly wat u want me to do…” (He lift up your hand and scoop a rice full into your mouth and winked at u…)

After the dinner get together,They suggested to take awalk along the beach.They hold each other hand.You were busy texting your Bestfriend.Your SHINee BF wanted to hOLD YOUR hand too like the other couple but u were so engross in texting.To finally hold your hand,He will..

Onew: (Snatch your handphone from your hand and keep it in his pocket) “Next time,Dating…No handphone allowed! ” (U showed your tongue at him and walked infront.He grabbed your hand back and u almost loss control and fall into hi shugs) “When we are together,U are mine.See…The others are holding his GF’s hand while me?Holding onto my GF’s handbag?” (U laughed and slide your hand in his.) “Ok.Now im happy!”

Jong: (He will peeped at what u are texting,U quickly close your HP and put it in your pocket and smiled at him. “u cannot see what im texting ok.” Jong pout his mouth and stopped walking.He hold your hand and whisper at u) “Im jealous baby….My Members are all enjoying their time with their GF while me….” (he pretend to look down.He trying to gain your sympathy…U laughed at him and run and join the couple infront of u.U turned back and shouted at Jong) “Jonghyun oppa……Serve u right!U walk alone ok!”

Key: (He whisper at your ear) “baby….U want me to hold your hand or hug you by your waist?” (U were shocked by his sudden question!U get 10CM away from him.Key pulled you close to him.) “Seee..Th other couple..They are sooo romantic.We aren’t!Come on baby.Lets show them we can be like them too!” (KEY winked at u and pleaded u to let him hold your hand)

Minho: (He tapped on your shoulder to grab your attention,You stopped smsing.He offered his hand towards u) “Come.Hold my hand while u text your Bestfriend and i will guide u through.I promsied right when u are with me,I will guide u like how your eyes always do…”

Taemin: “NoONA!Stop texting your bestfriend lahhh..Spend time with your baby..” (taemin stopped walking and waited for you to be done with your sms.after u are finaly done texting,u looked at him and he smiled) “Next time,DOnt bring your HP when we are dating ok.If your parents wana call u,ask them to call my HP.Ok?” (He grabbed your hand and catch up with the other couple)

They went into a shopping center.The GIrlfriends all went into a botique shop and left their SHINee Bf outside.Your SHINee BF who is still holding onto your hand,Looked at u and say.. “No.I wont let go of your hand tonight.Or else,it will be very hard to catch u back into my arms..” U stepped on your SHINee Bf’s shoe and he let out a loud yelp. The other SHINee member looked at the two of u…

“Wahh.Arent u tired of hoding her hand?Let her go ah.Let her shop inside with our GFs…There are sale inside….Go lahh..” They looked at u But u looked down,Your SHINee BF…

Onew: “Ah..its been so long since i hold her hands.ANd i really dont want to let go of it tonight….Right baby?” (Onew winked at u and whisper at u) “Ah dont think they will save u..I wont let u goo….Huhuhuuu..”

Jong: (He tigthen his grib on your hand till u looked at him with widen eyes…) “Ah…..No no…..U have to learn your lesson tonight.Your hand has been texting all night and now its time for it to relax right?” (Jong laughed,ignoring the other SHINee member who is looking at him with weird stares)

Key: (He will pull your hand into the boutique and whisper at u) “I said that i will hold on your hand tonight.I will stick onto that promsie till we reached your house later…COme..anything strike your eyes in here?The design here is not nice at all.Come lets go out!” (He pulled u out again,Your hand began to hurt but u kept quiet)

Minho: (He looked at the other SHINee member and winked at them..he loosen his grib on your hand suddenly and hold on your waist and whisper to u) “Pls baby…..Spend all your time on me tonight….Dont get distratcted by other things..Ok?Pls…I really miss u alot..”

Taemin: (He pinched your cheecks infront of his hyungs and wicked at them) “Hyungs ahhh….How can u guys let go of your GF hand ah?I tried to but i cant..MAybe my GF hands has powerful touch…Right baby? ” (he turned his head towards u and u gave him a stupid smile…He laughed!)

U guys walked pass a flower shop and your eyes were looking at a pink flower non stop…You really want to get it but u are too afraid to tell your BF to stop walking.He is soo possessive tonight.U continue walking and using your other hand,u tapped his shoulder.He looked at u..

“If i ask something from u,will u do it for me?”U make a very gentle request with your eyes blinking like a small girl…

Onew: (he smiled at u and let go of your hand) “Yes princess.What can i do for u?” (He smiled and u sooo widely.U went crazy seeing that smile of him but u controlled yourself…)

Jong: “U are really good in acting innocent baby…” (He looked back to the shop just now) “I know..U want that pink flower so much right?” (U nod your head.He stroke your hair and kiss your forehead) “I know u too well baby…Come..Lets go there.i will buy for u..”

Key: (He stopped walking and stare into your eyes) “Did i ever say NO to u whenever u ask something frm me baby?” (U shake your head.KEY has always been very generous with u!) “Then,tonight,what shall i get for u baby?” (You grabbed him to the flower shop just now and point your finger to the pink flower) “Thats a nice flower dear..So pinkish..Just like u…”

Minho: (he let go of his grib and gently massage your hand) “I think ive been too rough on your hand tonigght.Im sorry dear..” (he make a very sincere face and smiled at u…U shake your head and bring him to the flower shop.. “Minho yah..If u love me,Can u buy ….” Before u can finish your sentence,He walk up to the counter and buy u 12 stalks of teh pink flowers and handed it over to u….

Taemin: “Noonna..Wats a BF is for if he did not buy anything that his GF wants?” (He whisper to u.U shout a loud YES and pulled him to the shop….) “Ah,,,,suddenly u become so romantic tonight..Flowers??” (He looked at u with a surprised look.But still he buy u one stalk of the flower and choose another flower for u..) “This pink one is my gift for u and the purple flower….It will look nice  on your hair…”

When u finally have the flower in your hand,U and YOur SHINee BF joined in the rest.They looked at u holding the flowers in your hand….

“Isnt that a very expensive species of a flower?Wah..u really know how to use up your Bf’s money ahhh! I wonder how many of his money has he wasted on u…..” They suddenly commented. Upon hearing that,You suddenly felt a sharppain in your heart,They are accusing you of sepnding your BF money! You hold onto your SHINee Bf hand for support…He realised the sudden changes in your grib….

Onew: “Hey..be careful of what u said about her ehh guys…She’s not wat i think she is ok??” (Onew stared straight at the other members….)

Jong: (He walked toward the member that said that and pulled him at his collar and shout at him) “This is really not your business..Its my money and i can only spent it on her and not on anyone else…Shes my GF..and she has the right to spend my money……”

Key: (He looked at u and stroked your hair) “baby….U wait here for awhile ok…” (He pulled the member to one corner and punched his stomach…) “take that punch from me!U should not have been that rude twrds the love of my life dude! when u said that to her,Its as though u did not respect me at all!”

Minho: (He pulled u and let u sit on a bench.he sit next to u and open up his HP and text his member… ‘U took the worng step today hyung.U will see the new side of minho today once we reach our dorm later…’ after he send the text, he looked at the flower and smell it… “It smell exactly like u baby…”

Taemin: “‘Nvm baby..Dont be bothered about them..They have nothing else to do thats y they have to say that about u….” (Taemin was actually very pissed with his hyungs! but he dont want to be labelled as a rude maknae if he confront his hyung now)

After the awkward silence between u and the other SHINee members,u decided to go home first..U stand up and approched them. “im going home first…”

“So soon ahhh…We are going to the pub after this..Are u sure u will let your BF go alone??”……….

You turned and looked at your BF who is closing his eyes,resting his head on the bench…

In your BF’s mind,he was thinking….

Onew: Ah.. Will she be there at the Pub later?? I hope she will be there…

Jong: Tonight wont be as exciting if she’s not around!!!

Key: If she isnt around,Then what should i do then?? The rest are busy with their partners later…

Minho: Pls god..Let her be there tonight.I need to tell her something…

Taemin: Her looks can make me crazy.Ah ive always been craxy since i met her….she’s the lucifer…


Should she follow? Or should she just go home?

 Whos the SHE that he is refering to? YOU or ????

IS the other SHINee Members this cruel?

Why is your SHINee BF so possesive suddenly during the earlier part of the date?? Is he hiding something??

Why is your BF so different????


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  1. frostwire download November 29, 2010 at 3:02 pm #

    one can argue that it can go both ways

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