Male idol members fight for Shaya’s heart on Star King

15 Nov

On this week’s episode of SBS variety show ‘Star King’, a singer contestant by the name of Shayacaptured the hearts of various male idol group members.

On November 13th, the idol group members battled against each other in a dance battle in order to win the lucky girl’s heart.

To start off, Shaya performed a fantastic stage of Whitney Houston’s ‘I Have Nothing‘ with 2PM’sNichkhun.

Lee Teuk then butted in to say, “Shaya is my girl“, and fed her rice cakes. He even laughed proudly, as he confessed to knowing her clothing size (44).

Wooyoung and Shaya continued on to perform a powerful duet dance with Timbaland’s ‘The Way I Are‘, which drove all the boy group members to extreme jealousy.

Nichkhun and Minho also fought in a dance battle in attempt to win Shaya’s heart. While Minho promised to teach her Korean better than Khun, Khun retorted and promised to teach her how to love, throwing Shaya into ecstasy.



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