Key thinks Minho is qualified in almost commercial ads

9 Nov

 KEY in the ‘commercials received the most praise the members’ selected Minho aroused our attention

No. 6 player in the MBC “change the world quiz” in,  Minho KEY and show the gorgeous eloquence and sweet ‘hello’ stage

MC Pu Meishan day asked, “took a lot of advertising recently SHINee, who received praise for the best looking face,” this problem
KEY replied, “Min-ho seems to be will commercials, almost all of the ads Minho can be qualified,” “before there is a cosmetics ad ‘can touch it?’ Look to know”
Because “change the world quiz” star’s request, Minho hand, said gently, “you can touch it?” Female star who responded with cheers and applause, on the contrary, gold nine pull “can touch you “caused a scene while Comedy

On the other hand, MC La Kim Gu, Li before, Pu Meishan and Xu turtles Yuan, Li Peiyong, Huh Jung-moo, Lin Wuqing, Kim Wan-tai, Kim Roots, Xu days later, Hung camp, Minho KEY, Jin Shenying,
Geng room, Yin Liu, Lin Ye Jin, Zhaohui Lian, Pujing Lin, Zhao Hang seven, and so appeared in the “change the world quiz” the ratings also hit a record 15.3%


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