Fan Account for HELLO Fan Party #2

8 Nov

I too went to the Fan Party tonight accompanying my friend, frankly speaking I am not a diehard fan
But what I saw today from these fans moved me deeply
When Jonghyun was talking about his thoughts after his solo, everyone began raising up their fanboards to support him
Everyone gave him the loudest applause and cheered him on in Korean..
Jonghyun then lowered his head turned to the back, took a deep breath and said thank you
During the start of the last song, Hello, he kept his head down and then realised that he was crying…
Like a child with pent-up pressure he began to sob
Minho kept patting him lovingly comforting him, the rest of the members helped to sing Jonghyun’s parts and Jonghyun attempted to sing a small part in the middle of the song
The fans were all cheering him on
The host asked him whether he has anything to say to the fans, he gave a 90 degree long bow and said I will work hard thank you everyone
I have witnessed Shawols’ unconditional love towards SHINee


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