Key Starcall ft Onew Minho [TRANSLATE]

4 Nov


Key: Yes! Recently, when I was browsing around,
Uh… I saw something that a fan poste.
She said she liked the “I brought up the courage” line the most in Hello.
Then she asked, “Which part is your favorite, Key goon?”
I… I… I…!
Onew: I!
Key: I! Ah… I!
Minho: My rap part.
?: Hurry up and say it, punk!
Key: I! I… Ah, which part do I like? Ah, from where….
I think the “Hello” part is my favorite.
Minho: I know (?)
?: Babe, babe~
Key: I like the “Babe, babe, girl” part, too.
Anyway, I like it all. Please continue to listen to it a lot
since there are many good tracks.
You can listen to Minho goon’s rap and Onew hyung’s parts, right?
Jeon emen gabolkkaeyo Ah, I said emen(T/N: He said “now/eman” incorrectly).
Jeon eman gabolkkaeyo(I’ll get going now.). Bye!
Please post a lot. We’re reading!

2 Responses to “Key Starcall ft Onew Minho [TRANSLATE]”

  1. mina7ala November 4, 2010 at 11:33 pm #


  2. pheorix November 7, 2010 at 12:51 am #

    love it.. plz take care alwayz…<3 =)

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