Shawols give endless support & love to Jonghyun ! <3

1 Nov

We’re sure many of you are saying “enough!” with the news about SHINee’s Jonghyun and his relationship. The spotlight has been on Jonghyun for the past week, with news of his actions after Music Bank, admission of his relationship and lastly, the negativity of some fans.

Although it seemed as if fans were shunning Jonghyun because of his relationship, it’s been discovered that they have been sending him hundreds and hundreds of supportive messages.

Korean Shawols have been flooding SHINee’s fanboard with messages to Jonghyun, supporting him and letting him know that they still love him. One message in particular has caught Shawols eye. There is more than 63 pages of the phrase “김종현사랑해” which translates to “Kim Jonghyun, I love you!”.

It looks like both Korean and international fans are becoming more open about idols dating. Do you think this could open up more idols admitting to dating?

Looking for more dedicated media on Kim Jonghyun? Check out HelloJjong International Forums (! HelloJjong is part of Koreaboo’s Fanclub Network.


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