MBLAQ’s LeeJoon Fulfills Promise to Onew

25 Oct

MBLAQ’s Lee Joon is a man of his word.

Last October 17, SHINee’s leader Onew mentioned LeeJoon’s name in his acceptance speech for the group’s Mutizen win for Hello. Touched, LeeJoon declared a promise in his mini homepage, saying, “Even if I don’t get #1 I will call your name too.”

It’s a promise he was able to make good on when MBLAQ received the Group Singers Award in the 17th Korean Entertainment Arts Awards held on the 23rd. In his acceptance speech, he made a shout out: “Onew-ya, are you watching?”

Netizens impressed by the idols’ revealed friendship commented, “Onew has to see this video”, “Both of them are so cute”, “But Onew is at Singapore now, what should we do Joon-ah?”

Source: Nate News
Translation: Homaniac@absolutemblaq
Written by: aetria@kpoplive.comSee More


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