Working over night for them ?

17 Oct

Controversy arises once again for under-aged idols, but now for filming until late at night. Is there a need to limit these idols recording time?

The South Korean Culture and Tourism Assembly recently made a statement about the need to limit the schedules of celebrities who are minors as it interferes with their education.

As examples of these young celebrities, they mentioned T-ara’s Jiyeon, IU, SHINee’s Taemin andWonder Girls’ Sohee and Hyerim.

Taemin was said to be in an unnamed show shot from 8:00PM to 11:00PM and Wonder Girls’ maknaes recorded a show, during their 2 Different Tears promotions in Korea, until 3:00AM. While Jiyeon and IU are also know to have schedules until late at night. Some may ask why they were mentioned since they are either 18 or 19 in Korean age, but they were involved in the discussion because in Korea minors are those under 20 and at 19 most are still in their last year of high school.

An HyungHwan, who is part of the assembly, stated, “Celebrities of minor age should be given environments according to their ages. These types of guidelines must be enforced in the broadcasting industry”, and they also pointed out how in the UK, apparently celebrities under the age of 16 can’t have activities later than 9:30PM and that at least these minors shouldn’t be recording after 10:00PM.

This is not the first time under-aged celebrities, especially female idol groups, are involved in this kind of controversy. Recently, there was much talk about the under-aged female idols that wear sexy clothing and show sexy choreographies on stage, which are not exactly proper for their age.

With idols being younger and younger with each new debut, do you think something should be done about these matters or are they just looking too much into it?



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