Powerful SHINee ^^

4 Oct

Super Junior’s Eunhyuk made an important revelation at a recent broadcast, saying that ‘SHINee holds the authority in our company.’

On September 24th, MBC Happy Day’s Chuseok special showcased the theme ‘Idol Stars of the  Republic of Korea Conquer the World.’ The episode covered the SMTown World Tour concerts in LA and Shanghai.

The broadcast showed Eunhyuk suddenly saying to the producer, ‘The ones holding the authorities are the cute maknaes.’ The idol was just shown playing around with Minho at the airport when he suddenly made this astute observation.

Eunhyuk goes on to say, ‘Recently, Minho is in trend, (therefore) I can’t do anything to Minho. (SHINee) the juniors are the ones holding the authorities in our company.‘ Super Junior’s leader Leeteuk cries ditto to the statement too.

And we all thought it had to be about charisma. Apparently, there is no beating the power of a good aegyo!

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